Do I Hire a Divorce Lawyer Before He Does?

This is a question my staff gets every day.  Whether you know for sure your marriage is over, or you just have a feeling something is wrong. When divorce is lurking, this question is one of those first questions you ask yourself. The answer is typically no. If you live in Las Vegas and he lives in Salt Lake City, then the answer is maybe.

12 Divorce Questions

It won’t be your only question. You will have dozens; who will stay in the home, how is the money divided, where will the kids live. Questions are normal, getting answers is part of the “uncoupling” process.

Our main job as divorce attorneys is to answer your questions. Here are the 12 questions we get every day. Click the question to read my answer.

8 Divorce Myths

Sometimes a question is more of a myth.  Your friends and family will fill your head with myths and urban legends; “mothers always get primary custody,” “all we have is separate bank accounts,” “she signed a quit claim deed, so the house is mine.”  Let’s dispel some of these myths.

Besides 12 questions and 8 myths we have a few more numbers to review.  There are 2 ways to divorce; uncontested or contested.  There are 5 areas to resolve in a divorce; child custody, child support, division of debts, division or assets, and spousal support.   There are 3 divorces; legal, financial and emotional.

2 Ways to Divorce

If you and your spouse can agree on all the terms of the divorce then you can file an uncontested divorce. If you cannot agree then you present your side to the judge, they present their case and the judge makes the decision. I can’t describe the divorce process any simpler than that.

5 Areas of Divorce

Not every divorce will involve all five of these areas; child custody, child support, division of debts, division or assets, and spousal support.   If you don’t have children, you obviously don’t need to worry about child custody or child support. Debts, assets and spousal support will need to be discussed, even if you have none.

3 Divorces

Over the years we have helped thousand’s with the legal and financial aspects of divorce. We can handle the legal process and paperwork. We can help you transition financially to your new life. But, these two divorces are easy compared with the emotional divorce that one spouse typically goes through. Learn how to handle the emotional divorce.  This is important so be sure to read it.

Have more questions?  Maybe you should call us.  Our divorce lawyers or staff will help find you answers. Another good option is to download our Divorce & Child Custody Guide.  The guide is filled with tons of information about the divorce process, explains the legal jargon, and contains pages of divorce Q&A.

Choosing the Right Lawyer.  The assistance of a good divorce lawyer can make all the difference between an easy “uncoupling” or a “divorce war.”   Some attorneys are only interested in stirring the pot because it increases the fees.  Our attorneys are more interested in helping.

You need to trust us.  This is your first, or second divorce.  Maybe a third if you are a hopeless romantic.  This is our twelfth divorce this month.  A number we have averaged every month for over 15 years.  We aren’t just lawyers.  We are divorce lawyers, with experience, who want to explain, guide and help.

Need proof this is more than talk?  Talk a look at our customer reviews on GoogleFacebook, or Avvo.  Our passion and expertise in handling divorces and custody cases is evidenced by our long list of satisfied clients.  We have been customer approved!

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