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No-Fault Divorce

June 27, 2018

We’ve all heard this story before: you thought you met the person of your dreams, but after a while you discover that you just aren’t right for each other.  Now you want out. Is this enough of a reason to get a divorce? In the past, you needed a valid reason to divorce your spouse. …
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Can You Kidnapp Your Own Child?

June 15, 2018

This is a real question we are asked.  Especially around summer time. During school breaks  you have parents who live in another state who get summer visitation.  This time period causes some uneasiness and concern of whether the other parent will return the child at the end of the summer. If the other parent doesn’t…
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Top 9 Reasons to Hire a Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

May 3, 2018

Divorce attorneys come in two types: hourly/retainer and flat fee divorce attorneys. Hourly attorneys ask for a retainer up front then start billing you after they use up the retainer in hours worked. Flat fee attorneys have a value-based structure. You pay for specific milestones along the way to closing your case. The hours the…
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How Do You Divide the Stuff in a Divorce? 

February 26, 2018

By stuff, I mean vehicles, homes, bank accounts, credit cards, and IRA’s. What is the easiest and fairest way to do this? Let’s say you and your spouse agree to the divorce as long as everything is evenly split.  Categorizing, valuing, and then dividing.   This is the easiest method divorce attorneys have for dividing…
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Weathering the Divorce Storm

February 13, 2018

It’s time to divorce your spouse, but your spouse controls all of the money. You depend on their income. They control all the accounts. They pay the bills or deposit enough money in a joint account for you to do it. You have little to no savings of your own, not even enough to hire…
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Community Property & Separate Property

January 28, 2018

What is Community Property? Divorcing couples will need to divide assets, debts, and personal property.   In Nevada courts look to divide these items equally if there are considered community property.  The next logical question is “what is community property”? Community property is a label defining anything acquired after the date of the marriage.  A home…
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Must Know Definitions of Child Custody

December 6, 2017

Child custody battles can be the most challenging piece of being a divorce lawyers. We are biological wired to fight for our children. More so than we would fight over the washer and dryer, or the vehicles. Sadly, many of the fights are not over children. They are over ignorance of our rights, or ignorance…
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Las Vegas Votes RIGHT Lawyers as Best Divorce Lawyer in 2017

November 27, 2017

15 years ago, Stacy Rocheleau had a law degree and a passion for helping people. She rented an executive suite, hung out her sign, and began helping folks all over Las Vegas file uncontested divorce papers, divide their assets, calculate alimony, and write up child custody schedules. Her passion has grown into one of Las…
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The Genetic Nature of Divorce – It’s Not Your Fault

November 27, 2017

Most people go through a time during their divorce where they feel a horrible sense of guilt. “If only I’d done this”, “I shouldn’t have done that”, “This is my fault”. It might not be your fault. A new study found that there could be a genetic component to the nature of divorce. Something that…
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Women Attorneys Valued & Empowered

October 19, 2017

Wilson Elser’s Las Vegas WAVE team invites you to the Power of Women in the Courtroom, Boardroom and Beyond.  Join us to hear inspiring stories of personal and professional accomplishment and learn how women in power make their voices heard. Featured speakers will include: Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn Goodman Nevada Supreme Court Justice, Lidia Stiglich Nevada Court of…
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