Divorce Videos

  • Five Main Areas of Divorce

    In a divorce the couples or the judge may need to make decisions on five areas; child custody, child support, division of assets, division of debts, and spousal support.

  • Best Interest Factors for Determining Child Custody

    The Las Vegas family court uses the best interest factors to determine custody rulings. Their are around 11 main factors that you should consider if you are looking to file for child custody.

  • Community Property Explanation

    The idea of giving the other spouse 50% is well known. In Las Vegas you only need to split 50% of community property and not separate property. Attorney Stacy Rocheleau explains what is community property.

  • Dividing a Home Underwater

    Home that are valued less than a mortgage are called “under water”. Couples filing for a divorce need to know how the courts will typically divorce an “under water” house.

  • Las Vegas Divorce Attorneys

    Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers Nevada Family Lawyers

  • Are Retirement Plans Considered Community Property

    Attorney Peter James explains whether retirment plans are considered community property.

  • Child Support Orders & Calculations

    Divorce attorney at RIGHT lawyers discusses child support orders and calculations. Visit Child Support Page for more information about child support and for


  • Can a Parent Leave Las Vegas with a Child

    Family Law discusses the laws and process for relocating out of state with a child. Visit our Child Custody Page for more informaiton on child custody and relocating.

  • Financial Disclosure Form in Las Vegas

    Divorce Lawyer Stacy Rocheleau discusses the use of the required Financial Disclosure Form (FDF). Visit our FDF Page to view a FDF form.

  • Criteria for Modifying Child Support

    What are the requirements for modifying a child support order? Attorney Stacy Rocheleau explains when and how.


  • Standard Process for Filing a Divorce in Las Vegas

    Family Law Attorney Stacy Rocheleau discusses the process for filing a divorce in Las Vegas, Nevada. View our Divorce Process Chart for an graphic explanation of the divorce process.