Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer for a Legal Separation?

This is a question divorce lawyers in Las Vegas get asked almost every day. Most clients think a legal separation is easier, or cheaper than a divorce. Others think a legal separation is needed to leave a home, or to transition through a divorce.

Legal separations are typically easier and cheaper compared to a divorce. A Clark County divorce, if contested, can take 6 or 8 months and cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Legal separations are typically agreed to, so they are quicker and cost much less. Legal separations do have a few quirks. For a full discussion on whether to file a divorce or a legal separation you should read legal separation versus divorce.

This is not the only question we get every day. Client’s going through a divorce or child custody matter have dozens, if not more. The questions will typically fall into one of five categories; divorce processchild custody, child support, division of property, and spousal support. Most clients have never gone through a divorce or custody hearing, so they have questions. I have been told by therapists, getting the answers is part of the “uncoupling” process. By finding the answers to your questions, it eases the anxiety of the unknown.

Eighty percent of what we do as Las Vegas divorce attorneys is answer questions. We have been through thousands of Las Vegas divorce cases and child custody matters. So, we have seen and been asked just about everything.  Let’s share some of our experience by answering the most common questions we get.

For the last 15 years we have helped thousands with their divorce, legal separation or custody matter. We have 4 attorneys, with a combined 40 years of family law experience. We have two locations in Nevada; Las Vegas and Henderson. We charge a fixed fee instead of hourly. We have one purpose; to help you get through your divorce or custody matter.

The assistance of a top divorce attorney can make all the difference between an easy “uncoupling” or a “divorce war.” Some attorneys are only interested in stirring the pot because it increases the fees. It’s one of the reasons we charge a fixed fee instead of hourly. Sure we need to make a profit, but our attorneys are more interested in helping, than collecting fees.

Take a look at our customer reviews on Google Reviews, Facebook, or Avvo. Our passion and expertise is evidenced by our long list of satisfied clients. We think you will approve of our approvals.

Thinking of taking the next step? Maybe you should call us and schedule a consultation. Our Las Vegas divorce lawyers will help answer all your questions. If a consult seems too serious, a good option is to download our Divorce & Child Custody Guide. The guide is filled with a ton of information about the divorce process, explains all the legal jargon, and answers the most asked questions.

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