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Does Every Divorce Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Not every case needs a divorce attorney. At least not any more than every tax filing needs a tax accountant. Some issues are small, and you can do it yourself. Some are too big, too complex, and too time consuming to handle without an expert. Same principal goes for a divorce. Some divorces are simple and easy. Others are too big and too nasty to tackle without a good divorce lawyer.

How can you tell whether you need to hire a divorce lawyer? You can’t always tell in the beginning. Some divorces can start-off as small camp fires, and later, without notice turn into a raging wild fire. How do you know if you have a small easy divorce, or a wild fire? Our general rule is to ask yourself, “what’s at stake.” Do you have loads of assets to divide, or mountains of debt to divide? Is one spouse looking for spousal support, and the other doesn’t think it’s needed? Do you both agree on child custody? It’s unusual when nothing big is at stake to turn into big divorce case.

If you have a short-term marriage (something under five years), no assets, and no children, then you can file an uncontested divorce. When the only issue is how to calculate child support, you can use online tools, or have a quick discussion with an divorce attorney. But, when you need to divide large assets, debts, and pensions you will need and attorney to draft divorce documents. And, when you and your spouse are not agreeing on spousal support or child custody (the two major danger zones) you will probably need to hire a divorce lawyer.

Whether you need a lawyer or not is a question we get every day. Half of what we do as Las Vegas divorce attorneys is answer questions. We have handled thousands of divorce cases and child custody matters. There isn’t anything you are thinking of asking we haven’t answered before. Below are answers to some of the common divorce questions we get. If you don’t find your divorce question contact us, and talk with our case manager.

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Over the last 14 years, Stacy has handled hundreds of divorce trials and custody hearings. Her experience means she has argued both sides of virtually every dispute in family court. This experience, in addition to her tendency to over prepare, makes her one of the best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas.


Laura is a second generation Las Vegas native. Going through a divorce herself, Laura has an intimate understanding of both the legal and emotional sides of divorce. Couple that with 12 years of experience and you have one of the best divorce lawyers in Las Vegas.


After earning degrees in philosophy and physics, Philip decided the next "logical" step was a law degree. While attending UNLV Boyd School of Law, he chose to study in divorce and family law. He feels he can make the biggest positive impact through helping couples in need of legal guidance.


As the daughter of a public defender and divorce attorney, Sonya always knew she was born to become a lawyer. She developed her interest for divorce during an internship with her law professor. Now with 10 years of experience in family law, Sonya has developed an talent, and expertise in divorce, and custody disputes.

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I would like to take the time to highly recommend the services of Philip Spradling and RIGHT Lawyers. I hired Philip back in November when my ex-wife served me with divorce papers. There is no doubt that this was by far the scariest time of my entire life and I was very anxious at first due to how aggressive my ex and her lawyer were; they wanted to essentially take my daughter away from me (even though my ex repeatedly placed her friends and new boyfriend ahead of her family) and try to demand an insane amount of alimony and child support. My ex had no interest in trying to settle or work this out amicably. They came out in full attack mode and came out swinging.Luckily, Philip and RIGHT Lawyers came to the rescue. From the moment I called them for the first time I was treated with nothing but care and respect. I spoke with Rock and he took a very large chunk of his day to talk to me and convinced me to speak with Philip about my upcoming litigation. Philip took the time to listen to everything I had to say and was very upfront about the cost of the litigation and how we were going to respond to my ex-wife’s aggressive complaint. Philip countered with a counter-claim and I was blown away by how well-worded it was. After a month, we filed a motion for temporary orders and I was deeply impressed with how structured and effective his work was. Their opposition to our motion was a complete joke and they wound up settling right before the hearing, ending the divorce and the darkest period of my life. I credit this solely to Philip, Adriana (the wonderful paralegal at RIGHT Lawyers) and the rest of their team including Karen, Rock, Laura and everyone whose name I did not mention.I want to commend Philip for his incredible patience with me and always being willing to take my calls or answer my emails no matter what silly question I had or what drama I was dealing with. I LOVE the fixed cost system RIGHT Lawyers uses because you can feel free to communicate if there is an issue and once you pay them for the work, they will get it done for you and they will do a good job. All in all I wound up paying $10,500 to fend off my ex wife and her lawyer from their aggressive complaint and this was the result of the hard work Philip, Adriana and the rest of their team put in. Today, my daughter spends most of her days with me while my ex-wife is still trying to pay off her attorney’s fees and fight through bankruptcy. If I ever need legal counsel again, Philip is the first person I would call. His calm demeanor put me at ease and I would recommend his services any day of the week. We came out of that dispute victorious and with a very favorable result. Philip will always be down to earth and realistic about what to expect but will still keep an open mind and fight for his clients the best he can. I definitely highly recommend his services and the services of RIGHT Lawyers.--Nate more
Nate V
Nate V
18:21 08 Jun 17
I highly recommend this Firm - definitely the RIGHT lawyers for your divorce / dissolution needs! They exhibit great communication and customer service skills; a combination that is a dying art! Results-oriented and swift, but thorough action. Seriously impressed! The entire team is wonderful to work with and the intake process is simple and efficient. No need to look elsewhere - you've struck gold with the caliber of this legal team!read more
Tiffany Fleming
Tiffany Fleming
00:47 28 Mar 17
Right Lawyers did an amazing job! Super impressed with the level of service I received not only from their office staff but especially from my lawyer. I had the pleasure of working with Carlia Waite. She was empathetic, kind and patient with me and fierce council in the courtroom. She took the time to explain everything in detail, she was never misleading nor did she promise me or encouraged me to do things that weren't right for my case. She was always very punctual and answered all my emails or phone calls with a 72 hour, which blew my mind. The price of divorce is never cheap but they were very reasonable. When you get married you never plan for divorce. It's hard, it's sad and very stressful. Do your research and ask questions, and hopefully you'll end up in the hands of one of the best law firms in the Las Vegas area. Right Lawyers. I can't recommend them enough. Give them a call!read more
Veronica M
Veronica M
16:55 22 Apr 17
Right Lawyers and Philip Spradling did an amazing job representing me in my prolonged and emotionally draining divorce and child custody case. If you are looking for an attorney who will represent you to the best of their capabilities and do everything possible to get the best outcome for you in your divorce/child custody case, Philip and Right Lawyers are the ones! Everyone was very helpful. From Clarisa in the front desk, to Adriana, one of their Paralegals, to Rock. Everyone was great. I got exactly the outcome I wanted and the support from a firm who knows what they are doing, was priceless.I strongly recommend them because having the right legal representation sets the right tone in ANY case. In my case, Philip remained very poised and his calm demeanor helped a lot, since I can be a hot head at times. You won't be disappointed, almost guarantee more
Elsa Rodriguez
Elsa Rodriguez
17:19 01 May 17
The legal team at Right Lawyers allowed me to get through my divorce as seamlessly as possible. They were understanding, patient and listened, all the while keeping my best interests in mind. It was one of those more challenging events to come up in my life but they gave me the support and guidance to get through so that I could move on. Highly more
Stacey Wooden
Stacey Wooden
03:45 13 Oct 17

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