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Does Every Divorce Need a Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer?

Not every divorce or child custody issue needs a divorce attorney. If the divorce involves no children, no assets, or you both agree to the terms, you can file an Uncontested Divorce without a divorce lawyer. If you and your spouse cannot see eye to eye, then you will likely need a Las Vegas divorce attorney to help.

Uncontested Divorce - "No Fight. Fixed Fees. No Court."
A divorces where you and spouse agree to terms is called uncontested.You do not require a court hearing which makes them quicker and less expensive. You can handle uncontested Child Custody cases or legal separation cases the same way. Visit our Uncontested Divorce page to learn more.

Contested Divorce
If your spouse does not want the divorce, will not agree to the terms, you need assets to be divided, or you cannot agree on child custody, you should talk with a divorce attorney. Download our Divorce Guide or Child Custody Guide and schedule a call with a Divorce Attorney.

Why Right Divorce Lawyers
Divorce is not fun, but it does not need to be hard. Since 2004 we have helped thousands of clients with their divorce or custody issues. With that amount of experience there is not much we have not seen or heard. We know the ins and outs of the divorce and custody processes.

We charge a fixed fee. We provide you an estimate for specific tasks in your case. That is all you pay. A fixed fee does not mean we are the lowest price divorce attorney. But it does mean you know, up front, the cost of your divorce or custody case. Right Divorce Lawyers, the Las Vegas divorce attorneys with the experience to help.

Next Steps
The first step in every divorce or custody matter is to decide if the divorce is contested or uncontested. If your think the issue is uncontested, visit Uncontested Divorce to get started. If your divorce is contested, or you don't know, download our Divorce Guide and schedule a call with a Las Vegas Divorce Attorney.

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Uncontested Divorce (No Fight)

Fixed Fees. No Court

The divorce is uncontested when you and your spouse agree to the terms. This is quicker and cheaper because there are no court hearings.

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Our Divorce Attorneys


Stacy Rocheleau, Esq.

Right Divorce Lawyers was first established by Stacy. In 2020, she was elected as a Family Court Judge. She has since moved on from the firm. However, Stacy's eighteen years of experience in family law continues to impact the practice. Her aptitude in law and her approach to cases have been taught and passed down to our attorneys. Bio & resume…


Rock Rocheleau, Esq (Practices Las Vegas).

Rock is the managing attorney and spouse of Right Divorce Lawyers' founder, Judge Stacy Rocheleau. Rock began his career in the business as an office administrator. He attended UNLV's School of Law at night while and worked during the day as well. Rock possesses a creative legal mind and is constantly seeking novel solutions to address his clients' legal issues. Bio & resume…


Brittney Salvatore-Perkins, Esq (Practices Las Vegas).

There are divorce attorneys, and there are lawyers. The distinction is immediately apparent. Brittney obtains most of her divorce customers from referrals from previous clients because they perceive her to be approachable, educated, and a genuine divorce attorney. Bio & resume…


Meredith Weiner, Esq (Practices Las Vegas).

Meredith, who was born and raised in Las Vegas, had always wanted to be a lawyer. Meredith's career began in criminal court, where she developed into an excellent trial lawyer. Meredith is now concentrating on using those talents in divorce court. Bio & resume…

Maggie Manning

Maggie Manning, Esq.

Maggie started her career practicing civil litigation and then worked briefly as a criminal prosecutor before finding her home at Right Divorce Lawyers. As a dedicated advocate for her clients, Maggie is committed to guiding families through divorce, child custody disputes, adoption, domestic violence cases, and other family law matters. Bio & resume…

Free  Divorce  Guide

Learn the In's & Out's of Divorce

Download our Divorce Guide and get straight talk from our divorce attorneys about your rights, the divorce process, costs in hiring a lawyer, dividing assets, and answers to the most commonly asked questions related to divorce.

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Military Divorce Guide

Military divorces can add Federal law to state divorce laws. Right Lawyers created a special Divorce Guide for military members to help navigate these differences.

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Divorce & Custody Tools


Child Support Calculator

In Nevada, child support amounts are set formulas based on type of custody, number of children, and the gross monthly income of the parents. Our online calculator quickly and easily calculates the monthly amount of child support a parent should be paying, or receiving.
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Tonopah Spousal Support

Nevada does not have a an absolute spousal support formula. The Tonopah Formula is the closest our state has come to adopting a formula. This calculator attempts to mimic that formula.
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Kogod Spousal Support

The Kogod Formula is based on how much a spouse needs and how much a spouse can pay. To calculate the support amount the court will review monthly budgets from both.
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Marrital Balance Sheet

This marital balance sheet lists all the assets and debts of the marriage, and how you would like them divided. This balance sheet can form the basis of a divorce settlement. By listing all property and debts both spouses get a vivid picture of how the assets can be divided.
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Child Custody Calendar

We created a calendar to help you design and sample a child visitation plan. Enter in days the child will spend with the mother, and which days with the father.
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Malmquist Formula

Spouses will often pay bills on a separate property home. In most cases the community has now earned a portion of the value of the home. This calculator helps figure out the amount the community has earned.
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