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Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer for a Legal Separation?

This is a question we divorce lawyers in Las Vegas get asked almost every day. Most think a legal separation is easier, or cheaper than a divorce. Others think a legal separation will be an easier way to transition through the divorce. They are mostly correct.

Legal separations are typically easier and cheaper compared to a divorce. A Clark County divorce, if contested, can take 6 or 8 months and cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Legal separations are typically agreed to, so they are quicker and cost much less. Legal separations do have a few quirks. For a full discussion on whether to file a divorce or legal separation you should read Legal Separation Versus Divorce.

This is not the only question we get every day. Client’s going through a divorce or child custody matter have dozens, if not more. The questions will typically fall into one of five categories; divorce processchild custody, child support, division of property, and spousal support. Questions are the norm. Most clients have never gone through a divorce or custody hearing, so they have questions. I have been told by therapists, getting the answers is part of the “uncoupling” process. By finding the answers to your questions, it eases the anxiety of the unknown.

Eighty percent of what we do as Las Vegas divorce attorneys is answer questions. We have been through thousands of Las Vegas divorce cases and child custody matters. So, we have seen and been asked just about everything.  Let’s share some of our experience by answering the most common questions we get.

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While Stacy’s been practicing law for over 20 years, she sees her biggest challenge not in the courtroom but as a mom of three teenaged girls. Mothering does allow Stacy to hone her mediation skills and practice dispute resolution, strategies that help her excel as a divorce attorney.


Laura is a second-generation native Las Vegan who grew up playing in the desert and spending time at her Dad’s law office in the summers. She was a child of the 80’s, so she could be seen in her dad’s law firm with “big hair”, and a Rubik’s Cube.


A philosopher and physicist by training, Philip turned to law while looking for the next chapter in his career. While attending UNLV Boyd School of Law he gravitated toward family law since it allowed him to provide one-on-one legal assistance to individuals versus faceless corporations.


A Hawaii native and a public defender for a dad, Sonya has the law in her blood and no fear of turbulent cases. She became passionate about divorce during law school, while interning for her family law professor. For the last 10 years she has focused her legal talents on divorce and custody cases.

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Thinking of taking the next step? Maybe you should call us and schedule a consultation. Our Las Vegas divorce lawyers will help answer all your questions. If a consult seems too serious, a good option is to download our Divorce & Child Custody Guide. The guide is filled with a ton of information about the divorce process, explains all the legal jargon, and answers the most asked questions.