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Does Every Divorce Need a Divorce Attorney?

Not every divorce or legal separation needs a divorce attorney. Some divorces are small and couples can file an uncontested divorce themselves. If you have a short-term marriage (something under five years), no assets, and no children, then you can file an uncontested divorce.

While other divorces are more complex, or too adversarial to handle without one or more divorce attorneys. Maybe a more important question to ask is whether to file a divorce or a legal separation? Read more about the difference between a divorce and a legal separation.

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Divorce & Custody Tools

Child Support Calculator

In Nevada, child support amounts are set formulas based on type of custody, number of children, and the gross monthly income of the parents. Our online calculator quickly and easily calculates the monthly amount of child support a parent should be paying, or receiving.
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Spousal Support Calculator

Nevada doesn’t have a an absolute spousal support formula. Even so, we built a spousal support calculator to give you anidea of the amount judges may order. Our alimony calculator is based on several decades of personal experience of what judges view as “just and equitable”.
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Marrital Balance Sheet

This marital balance sheet lists all the assets and debts of the marriage, and how you would like them divided. This balance sheet can form the basis of a divorce settlement. By listing all property and debts both spouses get a vivid picture of how the assets can be divided.
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Our Divorce Attorneys


Over the last 14 years, Stacy has handled hundreds of divorce trials and custody hearings. Her experience means she has argued both sides of virtually every dispute in family court. This experience, in addition to her tendency to over prepare, makes her one of the best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas.


What does a divorce attorney do for fun? They go to criminal court to work on misdemeanors and felonies. At least that is what Meredith used to do. Before focusing on divorce and custody cases Meredith was making her mark in the criminal courtroom.


After earning degrees in philosophy and physics, Philip decided the next "logical" step was a law degree. While attending UNLV Boyd School of Law, he chose to study in divorce and family law. He feels he can make the biggest positive impact through helping couples in need of legal guidance.


Brittney has the unique ability to help people feel comfortable during stressful and emotional times. This ability is perfect for being a top divorce attorney. Divorce or child custody matters are often emotional and stressful, and Brittney is perfect at easing those emotions, and guiding clients through the legal process.

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