5 Questions to Answer to Find Out If You Are Ready for Divorce

Posted: 7 March, 2024

Marriage can be challenging for a number of different reasons, such as money problems, a lack of communication, trust issues or even just changing needs over time. When marriage gets tough and divorce seems like an appealing option for ending the marriage, however, asking yourself the following questions can help you figure out if:

  • You are truly ready to move forward with a divorce.
  • If so, when it is time to contact an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney to learn more about your options for proceeding.

Answer These Questions to Determine If You’re Ready for Divorce

  1. Have I considered divorce outside of emotionally charged moments? – In the heat of an argument, threats of divorce can be thrown around. So, take some time to consider divorce outside of an argumentative or emotionally charged discussion. Are you truly ready to end your marriage when you are not angry or emotional? For some people, the answer may change with cooler emotions.
  2. Am I truly done working on my marital relationship? – One of the reasons that marriage can be difficult is that it can take an ongoing effort from both sides to communicate, understand each others needs and be supportive. So, think about whether you still have feelings for your partner and, if so, whether you are willing to go to therapy or do some more work to try to improve the marriage. If there is still a willingness to make an effort to make the marriage work, divorce is probably not the answer for you right now.
  3. Does my marriage involve a true partnership? – It’s not uncommon for people in a marriage to only try to serve their own needs, rather than working towards a common goal to make things better for the “we” of the situation. So, consider whether you and your spouse ever had a real partnership or whether the two of you may have always been operating as independent, self-serving parties. If the latter is the case, divorce can be the right option for moving on.
  4. Am I prepared to deal with the issues that can arise in my divorce? – Divorce is going to force you to divide up your marital property (including your debt) and your time with your children. So, think about whether you are ready to take on these issues and possibly deal with a messier or more contentious side of divorce. There can be a lot of insecurity, anxiety and worry that comes with this consideration, and understanding this upfront can help you figure out if you may need some additional support (like therapy, for instance) to help you prepare for – or get through – your divorce.
  5. Do I need to take any additional steps to prepare to move forward with a divorce? – If all of your answers to the above questions indicate that you may be ready for divorce, another important issue to consider is whether you are financially prepared to proceed with a divorce. Do you rely on a partner for financial support? Or will you have to financially support a partner through divorce? If so, think about your financial safety net and whether you may need to put away some more money before moving forward with a divorce (as experts generally recommend saving up at least six months of living expenses when preparing for divorce).

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