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Annulment Or Divorce
Attorney Gary Thompson discusses the difference between an annulment and a divorce. Annulments are not always granted and Gary explains why. Gary has been a divorce attorney in Nevada for 20 years. 170 South Green Valley Parkway, Suite 300 Henderson, NV 89012 or (702) 767-7611
Right Divorce Attorney
Do you find yourself in a position where your marriage is beyond repair, and reconciliation is not an option? A divorce, or child custody case can be emotionally draining, may put an enormous strain on the family econcomics and can be full of legal uncertainty.
Dividing a Home Under Water
Home that are valued less than a mortgage are called "under water". Couples filing for a divorce need to know how the courts will typically divorce an "under water" house.
Community Property Explanation
The idea of giving the other spouse 50% is well known. In Las Vegas you only need to split 50% of community property and not separate property. Attorney Stacy Rocheleau explains what is community property.
Best Interest Factors Used by Family Courts to Determine Child Custody
The Las Vegas family court uses the best interest factors to determine custody rulings. Their are around 11 main factors that you should consider if you are looking to file for child custody.
5 Main Areas of a Divorce
In a divorce the couples or the judge may need to make decisions on five areas; child custody, child support, division of assets, division of debts, and spousal support. Not every divorce will need to decide all five areas. Some marriages don't have children, or have not been married long enough for spousal support. Right Divorce Lawyers can be contacted at 170 South Green Valley Parkway, Suite 300 Henderson, NV 89012 or (702) 608-3139
Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers - Are Retirement Plans Considered Community Property
The attorneys at Right Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas specialize in helping clients resolve their divorces in the most favorable way possible. Often, the most important issue during a divorce is how to divide property and debt. In Nevada, any income and all property that the couple acquired during the marriage is community property, meaning the court will evenly divide it between the spouses. Examples of community property include real estate, vehicles, stocks, bonds and savings accounts. As you can imagine, it often becomes difficult to determine whether an asset is community or separate property. For example, many clients ask whether or not the court will evenly divide retirement plans. ...
Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer - Modifiying a Child Support Order
Family Law attorney discusses modifying a child support order. For more than 10 years, the attorneys at Right Divorce Lawyers have helped Las Vegas residents during the divorce process. For spouses that have children, issues of child custody and child support take priority over everything else. Child support can affect both spouses for many years after the divorce. For instance, if a couple divorces when their child is 3 years old, the court may order child support for 15 years, until the child turns 18. It's nearly impossible that one of the spouse's financial situation will change during that time, so many people ask whether or not the court will alter the amount of child support in ...
Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers - Financial Disclosure Form
Divorce Lawyer Stacy Rocheleau discusses the use of the required Financial Disclosure Form (FDF).
Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers - Can a Parent Leave Nevada with a Child
Family Law discusses the laws and process for relocating out of state with a child. The attorneys at Right Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas specialize in complex divorces and post-divorce issues. No divorce that involves children is entirely simple, and divorce agreements that involve custody and child support tend to become more complicated over time. Changes in income, social situations and work obligations can all put strain on the custody agreement. In many cases, your agreement will affect the way you make life decisions. For instance, if a respected company offers you a desirable job in another state, you may need to consider how an interstate move will affect your ex-spouse before ...
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