How Much Does a Contested Divorce Cost?

In this video, divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau discusses the cost of a contested divorce. Contested divorces start at approximately $3,500. The first step is for the attorney to file a complaint for the divorce and list all of the claims that the spouses is requesting. Depending on the complexity of the case, additional filings may be required for additional fees.

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Do I Need a Legal Separation to Move Out of the House?
Divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau discusses if you need a legal separation to move out of the house. You can move out of our house without a legal separation. You are not abandoning your spouse or community property if you move out. You do not need any legal document to move out of your house.
Uncover the Truth Behind Child Custody: Do Judges Prefer Mothers Over Fathers?
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner discusses if mothers are preferred for child custody. Judges look at which factors are going to suit the child better. In some cases that is the mother and in other cases it is the father.
Does a Party Need a Legal Separation to Leave the Home?
Either party can leave the home at any time, however you would have the obligation to maintain community property. Divorce attorney Meredith Weiner explains in this video that as long as the spouse can afford a second residence and still afford to maintain the marital residence they can move wherever they would like.
Understand What a Default Divorce Really Means
Divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau summarizes what a default divorce means. A default divorce is when you have filed your divorce papers and served them to your spouse. Your spouse has 21 days to respond. If the 21 days pass with no response, the judge will award you a default divorce.
Can I File an Annulment in Nevada?
You can file an annulment in Nevada if you got married in Nevada or if you live in Nevada. Divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau explains in this video that there are certain rules for an annulment and you have to prove that there are grounds for the annulment.
How Does the Court Use an A/B List to Divide Property?
Divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau explains how the courts use an A/B list to divide property. The courts will have one party write out two lists of personal property. There will be an A list and a B list. It is important that the property is equally divided on the lists because the second party will get to choose which list they prefer.
Does Marijuana Effect Custody?
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner discusses how marijuana use can impact custody in certain circumstances. Courts will evaluate the level and frequency of use and the individual is using around your children. Although marijuana is legal, courts can rule based on the best interests of the children.
How is Alimony or Spousal Support Calculated?
Overview provided by divorce attorney Meredith Weiner on how alimony is calculated. Typically courts will consider whether the person who is paying can afford to pay and whether the recipient has a need for the money. Factors include length of marriage, income, work history and more.
How is Alimony Calculated?
Divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau provides a summary of how the state of Nevada calculates alimony or spousal support. The judge will consider factors including number of years married, income, age, earning potential and more.
Completing Our Uncontested Worksheet
Completing our uncontested worksheet.
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