Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer – Modifiying a Child Support Order

Family Law attorney discusses modifying a child support order.

For more than 10 years, the attorneys at Right Lawyers have helped Las Vegas residents during the divorce process. For spouses that have children, issues of child custody and child support take priority over everything else. Child support can affect both spouses for many years after the divorce.

For instance, if a couple divorces when their child is 3 years old, the court may order child support for 15 years, until the child turns 18. It’s nearly impossible that one of the spouse’s financial situation will change during that time, so many people ask whether or not the court will alter the amount of child support in the future.

First, it’s important to recognize that parents can alter their child support order at any time, so long as both agree to the changes. However, if one parent wishes to change the amount but the other does not, then court intervention becomes necessary.

If you wish the court to intervene and the order is at least three years old, than you can easily ask for a court review with no repercussions. In that case, you only need to file your financial information, and the court will determine if any change should be made.

However, if the order was created less than three years ago, the court will only review it if one of the parents’ financial situation changed by more than 20 percent.

There is one caveat to this method of changing child support: If the parent that initiates the review is wrong, and either spouse’s income changed by less than 20 percent, then that parent will most likely be ordered to pay the other parent’s attorney fees.

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