Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers – Child Support Orders

What are the requirements for modifying a child support order? Attorney Stacy Rocheleau explains when and how.

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How Do We Trace Separate Property Out of Community Property?
Divorce attorney Meredith Weiner explains the best way to trace separate property out of community property is to look at bank statements. The bank statements will show where the property came from and where it went to.
How Does the Court Use an A/B List to Divide Property?
Divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau explains how the courts use an A/B list to divide property. The courts will have one party write out two lists of personal property. There will be an A list and a B list. It is important that the property is equally divided on the lists because the second party will get to choose which list they prefer.
How Do Courts Like to Divide Community Property?
The goal of the courts is to divide community property as equitable as possible. In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner provides an overview of how the courts divide community property. It is not necessarily a fifty-fifty split.
What if My Spouse and I don't Have Any Assets Together?
Divorcing but don't have any cars, bank accounts, or credit cards together. You can file an uncontested divorce. Divorce attorney explains how to file an uncontested divorce.
Find Out How to Make Changes to Your Child Support Order
Attorney Laura Johns explains when child support can be modified. Laura is a divorce attorney with Right Divorce Lawyers. For over 14 years Right Divorce Lawyers has helped people with divorce, legal separation, and annulments.
Dividing Property and Assets in a Divorce
Divorce lawyer, Stacy Rocheleau, discusses how the Nevada courts divide property and assets of divorcing couples. Stacy has been a divorce attorney in Nevada for 15 years.
What are Temporary Orders
Divorce lawyer Peter James explains temporary orders and how they are used.
Divorce Lawyer Explain: Rules of Modifying Child Support Orders
Divorce lawyer Stacy Rocheleau explains when child support orders can be modified.
Best Interest Factors for Determining Custody
Divorce attorney Stacy Rocheleau explains Nevada's Best Interest Factors. These are the factors the courts look at in determining custody.
Community Property Explanation
The idea of giving the other spouse 50% is well known. In Las Vegas you only need to split 50% of community property and not separate property. Attorney Stacy Rocheleau explains what is community property.
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