What if You Can’t Serve Your Spouse Divorce Papers?

You must personally serve your spouse with divorce papers. What if you lost track of your spouse and no longer know where they are living?

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What If I Need Help with Attorney Fees or Support?
Divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau discusses financial support during a divorce in this video. Nevada has a procedure to help with attorney fees or support called A Motion for Temporary Orders. The motion can ask for temporary support from your spouse who is making a higher income. The spouse filing the motion can also ask for support to help pay for an attorney.
What is an Uncontested Divorce?
An uncontested divorce is when both spouses agree to the terms of the divorce. This includes agreement on the division of assets, financial support and child custody. This type of divorce is typically easier, cheaper and quicker than a contested divorce.
What is a Contested Divorce?
A contested divorce is when a husband and wife can not agree to the terms of a divorce. In this situation, a spouse would need to submit evidence to the judge to support what you are requesting.
What Does Jurisdiction of a Custody Case Entail?
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner discusses jurisdiction in custody cases. Jurisdiction of a custody case is based on where a child was born or has resided for the 6 month period prior to the filing.
What If an Asset is Omitted from the Decree of Divorce?
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner discusses what happens if an asset is omitted from the Decree of Divorce. If you discover an asset was missing from the decree of divorce, you would have three years to file a motion with the court to adjudicate the asset. If you discover the missing asset after three years from the divorce, you have lost your opportunity to file a motion.
How Much Does a Contested Divorce Cost?
In this video, divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau discusses the cost of a contested divorce. Contested divorces start at approximately $3,500. The first step is for the attorney to file a complaint for the divorce and list all of the claims that the spouses is requesting. Depending on the complexity of the case, additional filings may be required for additional fees.
What Are the Fees for an Uncontested Divorce?
At Right Divorce Lawyers, the fees for an uncontested divorce start at a $1,000 fixed fee. If there are children and there needs to be a custody plan and child support then the fixed fee is $1,500. If an attorney is needed to negotiate or extra help with the terms, those fees would start around $2,500.
What Are Some Don’ts When Going Through a Divorce?
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner discusses what not to do during a divorce. Do not move or hinder assets during the time the divorce is taking place. When children are involved, do not post anything that would expose your private life on social media. This could possibly cause the other party to cast a negative light on your behavior. Also do not speak negatively about your spouse in front of your children. And do not bring your children to any meetings with attorneys or into the court.
Should a client hire an aggressive divorce attorney
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner discusses whether hiring an aggressive attorney would behoove you. You should hire an attorney that you feel you connect with and that you can be honest with. You will likely be sharing private information about your life so having that connection is important.
What Are the Exceptions to Community Property?
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner discusses exceptions to community property. A few examples of separate property would be an inheritance given to one party, gambling winnings, anything that predated the marriage and any settlements from a lawsuit or personal injury cases.
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