Aquaman Doesn’t Drown in Divorce Paperwork

Jason Momoa, better known as Aquaman, filed for divorce from Lisa Bonet last week and was divorced the next day! This is a refreshing change from some grueling celebrity divorces that seem like they’ll never end (I’m looking at you, Kevin Costner).

It seems like every divorce you hear about involves contentious litigation that lasts for years and cost a fortune. These ugly divorces tend to steal the spotlight from divorces like this one, because there’s not much to talk about here. Jason and Lisa entered into a Marital Settlement Agreement, in which they agreed on the division of property, debts, custody of the children, and child support. While not possible in every case, it is possible to avoid the stress, heartache and expense of a typical celebrity divorce battle if exes can reach an agreement.

Joint Petitions in Nevada

Some states have a mandatory waiting period (or “cool down” period) and will require a certain amount of time to pass, before granting a divorce. In Virginia, if a divorcing couple have children together, they must wait 12 months after filing for divorce to finalize it. Even worse, in North Carolina, couples have to live apart for an entire year before they’re allowed to start the divorce process! Luckily, Nevada has none of these waiting periods.

The State of Nevada allows couples to file for divorce jointly, using a joint petition.  We call this a No Fight Divorce.  In these divorces neither party is the Respondent or Defendant, instead they are both Petitioners. The joint petition describes what property each Petitioner receives, how much (if any) child support or alimony will be paid, and how custody of the children will be shared. If both parties sign the joint petition in front of a notary, the court can enter a divorce decree within a day or two.

Right Lawyers charges a flat fee for a joint petition. Your divorce doesn’t have to be simple or lacking assets to use this method, as long as you agree on all the terms, no matter what they are.

How to Reach an Agreement

Unlike Aquaman, a lot of us can’t communicate with sea life or reach agreements with our soon-to-be ex-spouse. But not all hope is lost! Although we cannot help you start a conversation with an octopus, we can help you negotiate or mediate the divorce with your spouse.

A good mediator can guide parties on what family court would probably do in various scenarios and will encourage both sides to come to the middle and reach a compromise. Mediation is a much more cost-effective approach than contentious litigation and can help you reach an agreement so you can get a simple divorce using a joint petition.

Here is a video explaining how we recommend approaching your spouse with a No Fight Divorce.