Carlia Waite

Carlia Waite, Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

It was during her employment as a social worker in Kansas City, Missouri that Carlia found herself frustrated. She was not able to help solve her client’s issues. Specifically, she was unable to assist a particular client having legal issues with his landlord.  This frustration motivated Carlia to attend law school.

After law school, her desire to help others led Carlia to divorce law.   No other area of law requires a legal mind and a helpful heart.   Some say divorce brings in the best people at their worst time.   They need assertive legal guidance while at the same time a sympathetic advisor.   Clients need Mother Theresa with a black belt.  Carlia fits the bill.

Carlia graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice at Missouri State University in 1995.  In 1999, Carlia and her husband John moved to Nevada where they both attended the recently formed William S. Boyd School of Law.  Carlia is licensed to practice in the States of Nevada and Missouri.

Personal Insights

Warm cookies or ice cream.  Warm cookies, but would prefer if I could have ice cream with it!

Favorite Vacation?  Disneyland.  Love being with my kids at the happiest place on earth.

Hidden talent? Computer geek of sorts, I am the techie person in my family.  I have also taken clogging lessons but not sure I want anyone to know that!

Book ruined by a movie?  I don’t know if I can honestly say the movie ruined the book but I had such a vivid imagination of what The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe would have been like in real life.  I don’t think any movie could have lived up to it!

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