Case Management Conferences in Divorce: Here’s What You Should Know

Posted: 7 March, 2024

Once divorce papers and a response have been filed, a judge will schedule a first hearing in the divorce case. This hearing is known as the Case Management Conference, and below, we’ll reveal some of the most important things to know about this hearing so you know what to expect from it.

What Happens During a Divorce Case Management Conference

The case management conference is generally set within 90 days of a response or answer to the divorce being filed. Once the court sets this date, the divorcing parties will be notified via mail.

When the case management conference occurs, all involved parties – including both spouses and their lawyers (if they have retained lawyers) – will meet with the judge to:

  • Determine the issues central to the divorce case – Specifically, the judge will be focused on deciphering what issues are agreed upon (i.e., are uncontested in the divorce) versus what issues are being disputed (i.e., are being contested).
  • Figure out the next steps for proceeding – Namely, the judge will try to assess whether it may be possible to resolve the case more efficiently via divorce mediation. For example, a judge may order divorcing parties to go try mediation first when custody is a contested issue in the divorce.

If, however, it is clear that mediation will not be helpful or productive, the judge may set various deadlines, including deadlines for completing discovery (i.e., pre-trial preparations) and for a trial.

Divorce Case Management Conference: More Important Info

  • The Financial Disclosure Form must be filed with the court before the case management conference is scheduled to take place.
  • A divorce will usually NOT be finalized after the case management meeting – unless the divorcing parties agree on all of the issues in their divorce case.
  • Having an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney represent you in the case management conference, as well as moving forward in divorce, can be crucial to ensuring that your interests are protected throughout your divorce case.

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