What Should I Do If My Ex Is Not Paying Child Support?

Child Support in a Military Divorce

October 11, 2019

In any divorce, the issue of child support can be very contentious, but when one or both spouses is in the military, there are a number of special challenges that can come into play. This is because, unlike civilians, the military branches largely consider financially supporting their dependents is part of a servicemember’s solemn duty,…
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When to Modify Child Support

November 14, 2016

A tricky situation can occur when parents want to modify child support amounts that were ordered by the court. Often, the Nevada courts will take into account different financial situations when making these arrangements. But any custody arrangements that were scheduled are subject to change. To accommodate these changes, Nevada has created rules that identify when…
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Time Requirements for Divorce in Las Vegas

June 17, 2016

So the honeymoon is over. Now you want a divorce as quick as possible. Every state has a requirement that you must be living in the state at the time you file your divorce petition. Some require you to live in the state for a year or more prior to filing while others allow you…
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Do’s and Don’ts for Divorce

June 9, 2016

So, your “I do” turned out to be a big “don’t,” and now the honeymoon is over. Before you quit, there are still some definite do’s and don’ts you’ll should follow if you want to end this (legally binding) relationship.  Remember, you survived the marriage, now it’s time to make it through the divorce.  Take a few…
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Divorce Storm Forecast

May 17, 2016

  While you may be surprised when your spouse states he or she wants a divorce, there were likely dark clouds in the horizon, pointing to an approaching cold front. According to a recent survey, by Northside Counseling, there are 10 common behaviors which indicate divorce winds are blowing. Two or More Affairs Spouses stray…
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