Darth Vader’s Divorce

What to Expect in Divorce Mediation

September 18, 2017

Mediation is an informal, non-binding process in which an impartial third party intervenes in an effort to resolve a dispute of two sides. Mediation has been used for decades in the business world as a way to resolve labor strife between a company’s management team and its workers. The two sides select the mediator, typically…
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Community Property & Separate Property

August 29, 2017

Community property states Each state has its own divorce laws. Concerning issues of child custody and visitation, the differences may be minimal. When it comes to the distribution of assets accumulated during the course of the marriage, the differences are major. Nine states divide property according to community property law. Community property states include: Arizona,…
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What Kind of Divorce is Right for You?

August 26, 2017

Either you or your spouse has decided that you want to end your marriage. But what type of divorce is best for you? There are two main types of divorce: uncontested and contested divorce. Your choice can determine whether your divorce will be simple and cheap or difficult and expensive. It is possible to complete…
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What to Say to a Friend Going Through a Divorce

August 4, 2017

Your friend breaks the news that she and her husband are going through a divorce. It could be a shock or you may have seen that coming a mile away. It’s a good idea to ask if she knows whether they are going to file a joint petition or have a contested divorce. That way…
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Post-Divorce Checklist

April 25, 2017

The divorce is over. Take a moment to take a breath.  Just a moment, because there is still some T’s to cross and some I’s to dot.   Realize that the hard part is behind you. Now you can focus on moving forward.   There are still a few things you need to do. Getting these seemingly…
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