Las Vegas Votes RIGHT Lawyers as Best Divorce Lawyer in 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Schwartz

November 21, 2018

Can you evict your spouse from your home?  Mrs. Schwartz, a client of ours, would like to know. The Schwartz’s have been married for 10 years. Mrs. Schwartz owned the house they are living in, prior to the marriage. The title is in her name, and the mortgage is in her name. She is going…
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Utah Divorce Compared to Nevada Divorce

August 9, 2018

If you’re from Nevada, figuring out divorce law in Nevada is hard enough.  Think how much harder it is to figure out Utah divorce law if you live in Nevada. That’s where I come in.  My name is Marco Brown.  I’m a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, and I’m friends with the people at Right Lawyers….
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Trump Jr. Files for Divorce

July 26, 2018

  Donald Trump Jr., (not POTUS Trump), and his wife Vanessa filed for divorce in New York.  Actually, Vanessa filed an uncontested divorce first, and then switched it to a contested.   It doesn’t really matter who files for a divorce but switching from uncontested (aka Joint Petition in Nevada) to a contested changes the situation….
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No-Fault Divorce

June 27, 2018

We’ve all heard this story before: you thought you met the person of your dreams, but after a while you discover that you just aren’t right for each other.  Now you want out. Is this enough of a reason to get a divorce? In the past, you needed a valid reason to divorce your spouse. …
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Reasons to Hire a Fixed Fee Divorce Attorney

May 3, 2018

Divorce attorneys come in two styles: hourly of fixed fee. Hourly attorneys ask for a retainer up front.  A retainer is like a deposit.   The attorney bills  hours each month against the retainer.  After the retainer is used the attorney will request a new retainer.   Fixed fee attorneys provide you a list of tasks they…
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