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Child Support Checkup

Child support orders are modifiable.  Under Nevada law a child support order is modifiable if incomes change by 20% or more, or every three years.  Right Lawyers’ Child Support Check-Up lets you see what the modification would look like without going to court.   Using our online calculator, and reviewing your current order we are able to get a ballpark figure of the modification.


To get started use the calculator below to determine what the current order would look like.  Enter the physical custody schedule (primary or joint), number of children, and enter the gross wages of both parents.  Compare the calculation with your current court order.  If don’t have your current order, most orders can be downloaded from the court website.


By comparing the current order with the new estimate you should get an idea of what a modification would look like.  Sometimes the current order has been adjusted.   We call these deviations.    The courts may deviate for healthcare, daycare, necessary child activities, transportation, etc.  Here is more information on how a calculation can increased or decrease;  Adjusting Child Support


If you want to learn more about the modification process we wrote a quick guide; Modifying Child Support


Contact us if you have any questions about the calculations you just ran, or about filing for a modification.   We have a trained paralegals, law clerks, and attorneys to answer any questions.



Child Support Calculator

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