Dating during Divorce: 6 Facts You Should Know (Pt. 3)

Posted: 15 November, 2022

Concluding our blog series entitled Dating during Divorce: 6 Facts You Should Know, here, we’ll reveal a few more important reasons why you may want to reconsider dating during divorce.

Dating during Divorce: Here’s What Else You Should Be Aware Of…

While not dating during divorce can have some important legal and financial benefits, it can be beneficial for some non-legal reasons as well. In fact, just a few of the ways in which not dating during divorce can be beneficial outside of legal concerns include by:

  • Giving you space to emotionally deal with your divorce – Just because you may not be feeling intensely emotional about your divorce now doesn’t mean that you won’t later. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to experience a lot of intense, changing emotions as their divorce case progresses. So, you may want to give yourself some space to emotionally deal with your divorce. Instead of leaning on a new romantic partner during these times, consider turning to a parent, sibling, friend or even therapist instead.
  • Easing your child(ren)’s stress  – Your children may also be going through a lot with the divorce, and adjusting to seeing you in a new romantic relationship may cause them even more stress.

Fact 6 – Dating during divorce is rarely beneficial.

The bottom line is that dating during divorce is almost always a bad idea, as any emotional benefits gained from it are typically far outweighed by the negative impacts. Although life is complicated, divorce can take a long time and you may be lonely, it’s best to try to put off dating until after divorce so that you avoid unnecessarily complicating your impending or proceeding divorce.

If, however, dating during divorce is something you choose to do, of course, that’s your decision – and, of course, you will still get the best divorce representation by trusting your case to the experienced Las Vegas divorce attorneys at RIGHT lawyers.

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