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Divorce is not fun, but it does not need to be hard. Since 2004 we have focused on making your divorce or child custody issue easier. Since 2017 we have been voted the best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas. Why? Because we have the experience and expertise and love to help our clients.

There is not much we have not seen or heard. We know how to handle high conflict divorces, a divorce where the home needs to be sold, a divorce where spousal support is a concern, a divorce involving a business, a divorce dividing pensions, or a divorce needing child custody mediation. Schedule a call with a Las Vegas Divorce Attorney.

We charge a fixed fee. We provide you an estimate for specific tasks in your case. That is all you pay. A fixed fee does not mean we are the lowest price divorce attorney. But it does mean you know, up front, the cost of your divorce or custody case.

Not every divorce or child custody issue will need a divorce lawyer. If you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce or agree on child custody you can file an Uncontested Divorce without an attorney.

If you and your spouse are not on the same page, you will need to talk with a divorce attorney. Don’t worry, there is always a chance we can keep you out of court and negotiate the terms of the divorce with your spouse or their lawyer. Download our Divorce Guide or Child Custody Guide and schedule a call with Right Divorce Lawyers.

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Simple Uncontested Divorce

Fixed Fees. No Court

An uncontested divorce is when you and your spouse agree to the terms. Uncontested divorces are quicker and cheaper because there are no court hearings.

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Military Divorce Guide

Military divorces can add Federal law to state divorce laws. Right Lawyers created a special Divorce Guide for military members to help navigate these differences.

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Our Divorce Attorneys


Stacy Rocheleau, Esq.

Stacy is the founder of Right Lawyers. In 2020 she was elected to be a Family Court Judge and no longer practices at the firm. But Stacy's 18 years of family law experience still influences the firm. Her legal style and intellect have been passed down to the firm's attorneys. Bio & resume…


Rock Rocheleau, Esq (Practices Las Vegas).

Rock is the managing attorney and husband of Judge Stacy Rocheleau, who founded Right Lawyers in 2004. Rock started at the firm as an office administrator. While working during the day he attended UNLV's School of Law at night. Rock's unique value is his creative thinking skills. He is always looking for new ways to solve his client's legal problems. Bio & resume…


Brittney Salvatore-Perkins, Esq (Practices Las Vegas).

There are lawyers, and there are divorce lawyers. The difference is instantly noticeable. Brittney gets a large percentage of her divorce clients through referrals from her past clients. This is because client's feel she is accessible, knowledgeable, and a true divorce attorney. Bio & resume…


Meredith Weiner, Esq (Practices Las Vegas).

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Meredith's goals were always to practice law. She started in criminal court. Criminal court is an excellent place to become a great trial lawyer. And, Meredith has become a great trial lawyer. Now, Meredith focuses on using those skills in divorce court. Bio & resume…

Our Las Vegas Divorce Team Can Help

There are two ways our attorneys can help. First is access to the information on our website. It is a library of information on divorce, uncontested divorce, legal separation, and child custody. We have articles, videos, information on the difference between divorce and legal separation, how to modify child support, alimony, and dividing assets and debts. Take a look around.

The second way to connect with our help is a consultation. Contact us to schedule a consultation. A licensed divorce attorney will meet with you and help you understand your rights. The attorney will help you build a game plan to fight for your custody rights, your fair share of the property, and your rights with regard to spousal support.

Divorce can be uncomfortable and stressful, but we can help. No matter how complex your divorce is, our team can make the process easier. Schedule a call with the Right Divorce Lawyers.

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