Divorce Checklist

The following is a simplified checklist for anyone who is a party to a divorce or child custody legal matter. Your family law lawyer will be able to explain each of these items in further detail. If you are representing yourself then you will want to study the the court process.

  • File a Complaint – This is the initial document that informs the court what you are seeking and why you’re filing for divorce.
  • File a Summons – A summons informs your spouse that a complaint for divorce has bee filed and of advises them of their legal rights.
  • File Family Court Cover Sheet – This informs the courts with your pertinent information and helps the courts set up your case.
  • File a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA) form – This form informs your spouse or other parent of the Federal law regarding interstate kidnapping, child custody jurisdiction, and child visitation.
  • File a Joint Preliminary Injunction (JPI) – A JPI puts both of you on notice that you should preserve any assets or property until the legal matter is finished.
  • Service – You must contact a commercial process server or the Clark County sheriff in order to serve the other party with the all of the forms listed above.
  • Answer – The document in which the other party responds to the allegations in the complaint. This must be filed within 20 days of being served the Complaint. This basically explains your side of the case to the court.
  • Family Mediation Center(FMC) – You should request Family Mediation if there are children involved and if there is an Answer to your Complaint. Family mediation is a government ran program where the two of you attempt to work out a child custody visitation schedule.
  • Case Management Conference (CMC) – If there are still issues being disputed such as child support, child custody, community debt, community property, or spousal support then a CMC hearing will allow for the scheduling of a trial and discovery dates.
  • Trial – This is where both parties present their evidence and witnesses testify on their behalf. The judge will make a final decision on any issues that are unresolved.
  • Signed divorce decree – The final decision of the judge will be documented. This is referred to as the divorce decree and is signed by the judge.
  • Welfare Party Identification Sheet – This provides the court with more information and must be filed with the court within 10 days after the Decree of Divorce is filed.

Rules of conduct in Divorce Court

Las Vegas Family Law court is located at 601 N. Pecos. There are rules of conduct that we highly recommend you follow.

  • When you arrive in the court room be sure to check in with the court clerk.
  • When your case is called the plaintiff will go the table to the right and defendant to the left.
  • Do not speak to the other party.
  • Do not direct your answers to the other side, direct your answers to the judge.
  • Do not interrupt.
  • Take notes and be sure to write down instructions or future hearing dates.

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