Divorce Expos

Posted: 9 October, 2021

Divorce Expos are popular in the UK, but are just now making their way to the US. Many clients have no idea what these events involve, and as a result, the attendance is low. However, if you are facing a divorce, a Divorce Expo can offer invaluable knowledge and services to you. You’ll be able to use these things to help yourself and your family as you go through the divorce and emerge on the other side as a single person.

The first Divorce Expo in the U.S.

In March 2012 in Manhattan, the first ever Divorce Expo held in the U.S. was presented by a company called “Start Over Smart.” The Expo was a two-day event similar to a wedding expo except there were no vendors selling wedding dresses, honeymoon packages or bridal bouquets. Instead, there were more than 100 booths with vendors varying from divorce lawyers and financial counselors to life coaches to help divorced people restructure their lives.

The organizers of the Expo are a mother and daughter team: the mother is a happily married family therapist and her daughter is a divorced, single parent who is herself a divorce mediator. They attended a divorce expo in Paris and found it to be a positive experience. This inspired them to bring the idea to the U.S.

Something for everyone: booths and events for both men and women. Nearly 70 percent of the attendees of the March 2012 Expo were women.

What Is It?

The purpose of the Divorce Expo, or “Divorce In a Box” is to bring together divorcing couples with mediators, lawyers, financial counselors and other professionals that can help them make the transition from married couple to divorced individuals. The goal is to help couples avoid the courtroom and increase the number of non-adversarial divorces. This saves the couple money, decreases the burden on the courts and decreases the workload of professionals that deal with divorce issues. It also helps each party heal faster once the divorce is finalized.

Another purpose of the Expo is to recognize that roughly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Divorce does not have to be the end of a dream, but an opportunity for a new beginning. The Expo offers something for those who are transitioning from marriage to being single as well as for those who have been divorced for a while. It provides an opportunity for all of them to see there is life after divorce.

What Can I Expect?

When you attend a Divorce Expo, you will find a variety of resources and services that are available to you. You’ll be able to obtain brochures and information from service providers. You’ll also receive vouchers and certificates for free initial sessions with a variety of providers, from mental health counselors and divorce coaches, to mediators and financial counselors. You will also be able to talk with professionals about your situation and ask questions and receive professional advice.

The most important thing you’ll come gain from a Divorce Expo is knowledge. This knowledge will empower you to make the best choices for yourself and your family during the divorce. After the divorce, you’ll be able to heal emotionally and move on with your life. You’ll also gain the tools to help you enter into a new relationship down the road (if you choose to), and be open and trusting with your new partner.