Protective Orders

Posted: 17 September, 2019

Las Vegas Protective Orders

There are a lot of misconceptions about protective orders and the purpose they serve. Protective orders are meant to protect any individual from another individual who is causing them harm or intends to cause them harm. This does not have to be physical, it can be emotional or mental harm as well. Protective orders know no gender, they apply to any person that fears for their safety, whether male or female. In addition, the applicant does not have to inform the other party that they are seeking an order of protection against them. This helps ensure the applicant’s safety.

To obtain an order of protection, one must simply make an application for the order. The court will set an ending date for the order of protection. This can be temporary or extended, based upon the circumstances and the ruling of the judge. The person named in the order must abide by the conditions of the order for the amount of time set forth, or they are subject to arrest and jail time. This helps to ensure the safety of the victim and give them peace of mind. It also gives them legal recourse if their personal space is violated.

Protective orders can be misused. It is important to only request a protective order if you legitimately have reason to believe that you are in danger, or you are being harassed or stalked. It is a crime to knowingly abuse a protective order to cause harm or damage to another person’s reputation.

While the Internet can be a great resource for information, it is important to check your sources. Laws on protective orders vary from state to state. Some websites can offer incorrect information or information that does not apply to your location. If you have reason to fear for your safety or feel that you would benefit from a protective order, it is important to seek the services of one of the many qualified Las Vegas Attorneys that deal with these issues. Your attorney can help you determine the proper course of action and handle the paperwork for you, relieving you of much of the stress you face.