Divorce Statistics: A Look at Modern Divorce in the U.S. (Pt. 3)

Posted: 7 March, 2024

Concluding our blog series Divorce Statistics: A Look at Modern Divorce in the U.S., below we will wrap up this discussion by pointing out a few more interesting findings about the current state of divorce in the U.S.

Unpacking Divorce Statistics: More Findings about the Modern Divorce in the U.S.

  • Social media can impact divorce rates – Interestingly, the prominence of social media in people’s lives can impact their marriage and may even end up making them more likely to divorce in the future. As a study conducted at the University of Missouri has reported, people who check social media more than once an hour are far more likely to experience conflict in their romantic relationships (including marriages).While this finding can be due to the fact that social media can increase the likelihood of connecting and communicating with former romantic partners, it can also stem from the fact that frequent use of social media can lead to emotional and physical cheating, jealousy and other problems that can increase the likelihood of divorce.
  • People who are afraid to be alone are far less likely to divorce – While this fact may seem obvious on the surface, it is nonetheless interesting, as people who are afraid of being single are far more likely to prioritize having a relationship over having a quality or healthy relationship.
  • Divorce is not all bad; there is an upside to going through divorce – When people endure significant hardships like a tough divorce, they can end up coming through the tough time with a greater appreciation of the present moment, as well as a more optimistic perspective on life.As a study published in the November 2013 Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science found, people who deal with adversity like divorce are far more likely to appreciate the good things they have and the small pleasures life has given them.

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