Darth Vader’s Divorce

Posted: 21 December, 2021

During a break between episodes 3 and 4, Darth Vader and his wife contacted our law firm about mediating their impending divorce. The mediation was filmed. Normally, sharing this would be a break in client confidentiality. With Lord Vader’s and Padme’s consent we are able to release the “never before seen” footage of Darth Vader’s divorce.

Divorce Wars 2015 from rock on Vimeo.

Community Property – Dividing property is a key element of every divorce. This is where we get the “half” motto in divorce. Darth and Padme will need to divide homes, cars, savings accounts and Deathstars. Physically cutting property in half is not a feasible option. Instead the court will value the properties and attempt to equally divide the value of the properties.

Child Visitation – You have two types of custody; legal and physical. With physical custody either both parents share time with the child equally or one parent has primary and the other has visitation. Darth is looking at only getting visitation. Read more child custody.

Child Support – With only having visitation Darth will need to pay child support to Padme. Child support is calculated using a person’s gross monthly income. Darth will need to show is income. Calculating child support 

Divorce Court – No, people don’t loose arms and legs in divorce court. But, the process can be like fighting the Rebel Alliance.  Divorce process.

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