Divorce Court Tour

Posted: 20 October, 2020


Divorce & Family Court

The divorce and family court for Clark County is located at 601 N. Pecos Rd. The front entrance is on the corner of Bonanza and Pecos.

The family court hears all cases involving divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, temporary protective orders, and guardianship.

Be prepared for the security check point. It is similar to an airport
checkpoint. You will be required to remove your shoes, belt, and
jackets. All bags will be searched. No guns, or weapons are allowed.

Divorce Court Atrium

After you go through the security check there is an open air atrium between the main entrance and the secondary entrance.

Once inside the second entrance look for video boards with your name. These video boards list which court room your case is being heard in, and at what time.

Second Floor Court Rooms

Most court rooms are located on the second floor. A few court rooms are located on the first floor. Mainly the courts for hearing temporary protective orders are on the first floor.

There is stair access to the second floor, and behind the stairs there is an elevator for access to the courtrooms

Court Hallway

When on the second floor there are main hallways going left or right. Look for signs showing you where your courtroom is located.

Divorce Courtroom

When you find your courtroom read the signs on the door. If court is in session you may not be able to enter, and should wait on the benches outside the courtroom.

If there are no notices, open the door and see if there is a bailiff checking people in. Walk up to the bailiff and give him your name. He may ask you a couple additional questions. He will then instruct you where to sit.

If you are meeting your lawyer, you may want to check-in with the bailiff and if your lawyer is not in the court room, walk outside and wait for your attorney to arrive.

Divorce Courtroom

Dress appropriately, and be courteous when in the courtroom. Be courteous to the opposing party.

Make sure to answer any questions the judge asks. If you have a divorce lawyer with you, allow the lawyer to talk for you unless the judge ask you for direct response.

Do not talk directly to the other party, unless the judge requests you to.

Divorce Court Clerk

You may be asked to file documents with the clerk of the court. You can file documents on the first floor. Look for a large counter with windows. Like the ones you would see at a bank. Take a number and when called court employee will help you file your documents.

Divorce Court Judge Mailboxes

The judge, or the judge’s assistant may request to personally review or sign a document before filing. To leave documents with the judge you would go to the third floor. On the third floor is each judge’s mailbox. You may leave documents the judge has requested here.

If you need legal assistance with your divorce, or legal separation, you may see if the Self-Help Center can offer assistance. They are located on the first floor.

Self-Help Center does not take the place of a divorce attorney. They cannot offer legal advice, but have forms and instructions available.