The Don’ts of Divorce: What NOT to Do (Pt. 1)

Posted: 26 October, 2022

After making the difficult decision to move forward with a divorce, preparing yourself for the upcoming divorce process can help you set some realistic expectations while even perhaps helping you make some plans to facilitate the finalization of your divorce.

In this two-part blog series, we will highlight some of the things you should know when it comes to what NOT to do during a divorce. By avoiding these actions, you can minimize the possibility of expensive, time-consuming and stressful complications with your divorce.

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Here’s What to Avoid Doing During Divorce

  • Do NOT violate any court orders – Once a couple has filed for divorce and as they are moving through the divorce process, the court will likely issue various orders regarding the marital property, custody and even temporary or permanent support payments. As these orders take effect, be sure that you are familiar with all of their terms and that you do your best to abide by these orders. Violating court orders related to your divorce can impact your credibility with the court and make it far more challenging for you to win favorable rulings regarding the issues and matters that are most important to you in the divorce process. If you may have trouble complying with any court order, it’s best to disclose the possible issues upfront so the court is aware of them and so that the appropriate accommodations, arrangements and/or rulings can be made to allow you to be in compliance with these court orders.
  • Do NOT give marital property away – In divorce cases that are particularly contentious, one party may try to irritate or anger the other party by giving away or selling certain marital property that may have been cherished by the soon-to-be ex-partner. While this may seem like a satisfying act of revenge, do your best to avoid doing anything to the marital property during the divorce case.This is because, when courts are overseeing the divorce, what happens to the marital property will be up to the presiding judge in your case, and anything you may have done to get rid of the marital property can have some negative consequences for you.
  • Do NOT hide domestic violence – If domestic violence has been an issue in the marriage, do NOT avoid disclosing this fact in the divorce proceedings, especially if custody and children are involved in the case.While opening up about domestic violence can be difficult, especially in front of strangers in a public court of law, disclosing this important aspect of a marriage can be critical to helping the courts make the best decisions regarding custody (and other issues) in your divorce.

We will resume this discussion regarding the Don’ts of Divorce in the second part of this blog series that will be published soon – don’t miss it!

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