How to File an Uncontested Divorce in Las Vegas

If you and your spouse can agree to all the terms of a divorce you can file an “uncontested divorce”.   An uncontested divorce is the quickest and least expensive way to get divorced in Nevada.

To file an uncontested divorce you need to draft a few documents explaining to the court the terms you have both agreed to. These documents are called a joint petition in most states.  Some states call them a summary divorce.  Both spouses sign and notarize the documents.  The documents are filed with the court.  A judge reviews the documents and gives his or her signature for approval.  This final judge approval takes around two or three weeks.

Costs for an uncontested can be free if you have the online divorce forms.   Some websites charge $200 or $600 to print these documents for you.   I would not recommend these websites as the documents can be completed for free and these sites do not file the documents for you.    I also would not recommend using a paralegal to complete your forms.   Paralegals are not attorneys.  They cannot provide true legal advice.  If you need an attorney to help with your divorce you will find prices range between $1,000 and $2,500 depending on the divorce attorney.

At Right Lawyers we charge $99 to provide you the online divorce forms and a call with attorney to answer any questions you might have about the forms and process.   This fee does not include filing the forms, or the court filing fee.  We can this a self-help uncontested divorce.  Schedule your call start a self-help uncontested divorce.

If you need more assistance, we have you covered.  We charge $1,080 to draft all your uncontested divorce forms,  file the forms with the court, and coordinate the judge’s signature.   This fee does include the court filing fee.  We can also provide you mediation services if you need assistance mediating the divorce terms with your spouse.

By using Right Lawyers you can insure the documents are always drafted properly, filed correctly, and you receive legal  advice from a licensed attorney.   We can handle your uncontested divorce from start to finish.

What is a Joint Petition or Joint Divorce?

A joint petition is the name of the form used to start an uncontested divorce.   Legally an uncontested divorce is called a joint petition for divorce.   Lawyers, judges and court staff see “joint petition”, “joint divorce” and “uncontested divorce” as synonyms.

How Do I Start an Uncontested Divorce?

There are two ways to obtain an uncontested divorce: 1) file uncontested divorce papers, or 2) file contested divorce papers and then negotiate the final terms.  The first option is a true uncontested divorce.   Filing contested divorce papers and negotiating is technically a contested divorce that ends in a settlement.

A true “uncontested divorce” is where you and your spouse agree on all the issues of the divorce before filing the papers.  “All” is the key word.   You must agree to everything or the court will reject your documents.   You must agree on how you are dividing all the assets, how you are dividing all the debts,  any alimony,  the child custody schedule, and child support.

The best way to get started is to complete our Uncontested Divorce Workbook with your spouse.   Reviewing the workbook with your spouse gives you an idea on what areas you and your spouse agree to.  If you can agree to all of them, you can file uncontested documents.  If you cannot agree, you will need to discuss other options with a divorce attorney.   You may need to file a default divorce, a mediated divorce,  or a contested divorce.

How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take?

The uncontested process takes about two to three weeks.   After you agree to the terms, several documents are drafted and signed by you and your spouse.   Drafting and signing the documents takes about three or four days.   Then the documents are filed with the court.  A judge reviews the documents and signs the documents. The final judge approval takes about three weeks. After the judge signs the divorce is final.  A final decree of divorce is emailed to both spouses.

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost?

Right Lawyers offers three uncontested divorce packages.   Most packages include drafting all the documents, assisting with the terms, and filing the documents with the court.

$99 Self-Help Uncontested– This package is for those spouses with a super simple divorce.  It includes all the forms you need to file, step-by-step instructions, and a phone call with a licensed attorney.   The fee is $99.   This fee does not include your court filing fee.  Our self-help package provides you the forms for filing, instructions for filing and a phone call with an attorney to answer questions before filing. Schedule your call to start a self-help uncontested divorce.

$1,080 Simple Uncontested – This package is used when there are only assets, debts and spousal support issues.   The fixed fee is $1,080.   This fee includes preparing all the documents, court fees, and filing fees.  If you have children there is an additional fee of $540 to include a custody schedule and child support amounts.

$1,620 Children Uncontested – This package is used when there are children along with assets, debts and spousal support issues.   The fixed fee is $1,620.   This fee includes preparing all the documents, court fees, and filing fees.  This fee also include guidance on acceptable custody plans, and child support child support calculations.

All packages are fixed fees.  Our uncontested package and mediation packages covers everything.  It covers preparing the documents, answering general questions about the documents, making changes to the documents, court fees, filing fees, and filing the final documents for the judge’s approval.  Download our Uncontested Divorce Workbook and follow the instructions to start a uncontested or mediated divorce.

What is a Contested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is where you and your spouse have reached an agreement on the terms of your divorce.    A contested divorce is where you cannot agree to the terms and need a judge to make the final decision.   There are five main areas couples may need to agree on; dividing community assets, dividing community debts, child custody schedules, child support amounts, and alimony amounts.  If you cannot agree on all these areas then you need to file a contested divorce and ask the judge to make the decision.

For a contested divorce you will need to submit evidence to the judge to support your claims.   An uncontested divorce does not require evidence or a judge.   You and your spouse complete uncontested divorce documents and the judge signs the documents to confirm the divorce.

The best way to get started for an uncontested is to complete our Uncontested Divorce Workbook with your spouse.   The workbook is a great way to test the waters.  By completing the workbook you will learn if you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce. Even if you cannot agree on everything you learn what areas you need to talk to an attorney about.

Do I Need  a Lawyer?

Real simple divorces do not need a lawyer.   You can file your divorce on your own.   For $99 we provide you the forms to file, instructions and you get to talk with a divorce attorney before filing.

Be careful using an online service or a paralegal to handle your uncontested divorce.   Online programs only print standard forms for you. You will still need to file the documents with the court yourself.   Paralegals are not licensed attorneys.  They legally are not allowed to provide you legal advice.  And if they do, the advice might be wrong.  More importantly, paralegals are not required to carry insurance to fix any mistakes they make.

Right Lawyers is a better option.  Our fixed fees are not much more than a paralegal and we can provide you more assistance than an online service. We are licensed attorneys who can provide you legal advice.  We have been licensed in Nevada since 2004.  Right Lawyers has been voted the Best Divorce Lawyer by the Review Journal for the last four years.  We have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and have  hundreds of five star reviews on Google,  Yelp and Facebook. We also guarantee our work.

What Do I Need to File an Uncontested Divorce?

The most important thing you need is an agreement on the terms of the divorce from your spouse.   Without this agreement you cannot file an uncontested.  The easiest way to see if your spouse agrees is to complete the Uncontested Divorce Worksheet.  Review the worksheet with your spouse.  This worksheet walks you through all the areas you need to discuss.  This worksheet helps learn whether you can agree or not.

The worksheet can be saved and emailed back to Right Lawyers. After you return the worksheet, we schedule a quick phone call to answer any questions.   We then draft the documents and return them to you for your approval before filing.  This takes about three days.   Once you approve, and sign, we file the documents  with the court.   Once the court signs and approves we email you a final divorce decree.   This takes about three weeks.

What If My Spouse Will Not Agree?

An uncontested divorce requires your spouse’s complete agreement and signature.  You cannot force your spouse to agree to the divorce.   You might have a spouse who agrees with the divorce but refuses to sign anything.  You might have a spouse that should agree but refuses to agree   Or you might have a case where the issues are too unknown and you need an attorney to help explain your rights or to mediate the divorce.

If you spouse agrees but will not sign you would file a contested divorce.  Some spouses are overwhelmed by the reality of the divorce.  Others are not sure what to agree to.  By filing and serving them with contested documents your spouse must respond within 21 days.   This usually brings them out of their shell.    This usually gets them to accept the  situation and to to negotiate. In most like this we can negotiate the terms and get their signature.

What If I Cannot Find My Spouse?

What if you no longer talk with your spouse or know where they live?  Or what if your spouse will not sign the uncontested divorce documents?  You may be able to get a divorce using a Default Divorce.   A Default Divorce is used when your spouse should sign an uncontested divorce or would sign if you were in contact with them.

What About an Uncontested Divorce with Children?

Just like everything else in an uncontested divorce, you need to agree these terms.   You and your spouse need to agree on a custody schedule and whether anyone is paying child support.  Parents can use our Child Support Calculator to figure out child support.    We can help offer some typical child custody schedules.

Downside of an Uncontested Divorce?

While the purpose of this process is to make the divorce as easy as possible, there are a few drawbacks.    With a joint petition  you waive the right to  have a judge make any findings.   And you lose the ability to file an appeal.   Once a joint petition is filed, you are “mostly” stuck with the terms you agreed to in the final divorce decree.   I say mostly, because terms regarding child support, child custody, and spousal support are modifiable under certain conditions.

How Do I Start a Joint Petition Divorce?

Are you looking to file a joint divorce or an uncontested divorce? Right Lawyers can help.  Since 2004 the divorce attorneys at Right Lawyers have filed thousands of uncontested divorces.

We offer three standard packages; $99 self help,  $1,080 uncontested, and $2,500 mediated divorce.  Download our Uncontested Divorce Workbook and follow the instructions.   Or schedule your call with a divorce attorney to start your self-help divorce.  If you have any questions call us  at (702) 914-0400 or  email us at