Fireman Divorce

Posted: 30 June, 2022

A fireman divorce is different than a regular divorce in several ways. One, the custody schedules need special attention because the fireman work schedule consists of 24 hour days. Two, the fireman pensions needs to be addressed. And three, fireman can easy prey for alimony court orders.

There are only five areas that need to be decided in a fireman divorce; dividing assets acquired during the marriage, dividing debts, drafting a child custody schedule, calculating child support and alimony. Couples can negotiate or mediate all of these areas, some of these areas, or none. For the areas where an agreement is not reached a judge will be asked to make the final decision. Divorces where spouse can agree to all these areas is called and uncontested divorce (aka Joint Petition). A contested divorce is used when the spouse’s cannot agree.

We have written a divorce guide for Fireman. It can be downloaded describing by clicking on the link to the right. The guide answers general divorce and custody questions fireman face, along with a detailed explanation of some commons myths fireman have about divorce and custody issues. To go along with the material in the fireman divorce guide we are providing links (see below) to the most common asked questions that are not particular to to just a fireman. These are common questions that most divorcing spouses ask.

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