Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson, Attorney31 years ago it was Gary in the pool breaking the Basic High School record for the 100 yard breast stroke. Now Gary is outside the pool rooting on young Liam Wetzle.  Liam would break the record and no one was more supportive than Gary.

That is who Gary Thompson is.  A selfless third generation Nevadan, always looking to help others. Gary’s selfless attitude well suits him in helping couples mediate their divorce or in negotiating accident claims with insurance companies.  When you are the mediator you can’t allow your own agenda to get in the way.

Gary graduated from University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV) with a business degree.  He then went on to earn his law degree from the University of San Diego. Gary began practicing law in 1995, and is licensed to practice in the State of Nevada. Gary is also admitted to practice law before all District Courts in the State of Nevada, as well as the U.S. Federal District Court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Personal Insights

What would you do if not a lawyer? Be a lifeguard. Love the smell of salt and suntan lotion.

Favorite movie seen recently?  Saving Mr. Banks.

Current book you are reading?  Secrets of the Sales Matrix.

Unique Hobby?  I build models of WWII ships and planes.

20 year participant of a law school alumni fantasy baseball league.  The league existed before the internet.

If you could be an animal, what and why?  An eagle, because of how high they can fly and how well they can see.  Plus, they have no natural predators.

Most Memorable Case?

I had a couple one time come in for a divorce mediation.  The mediation started off calm, but mid-way through the gloves came off.   I was a little shocked because it had started calm.   I separated the couple is two different rooms and spent the next two hours working out the details.  I worked it out so good they decided to reconcile and cancel the divorce.   I guess love and a good mediator will always prevail.

What Makes You a Good Divorce Attorney?

My ability to stay calm during the situation.  I think my calmness rubs off on my clients and puts them at ease during times they might not be.  If I got nervous they would probably do the same.   Keeping client feeling comfortable is crucial to mediating divorce cases.

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