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Ever since we opened our doors in 2004, we have been dedicated to making your divorce or child custody case easier. And it shows! We have been voted the best divorce attorneys for the fifth year in a row. From 2017 to 2022, the readers of the Review Journal have chosen us as the go to attorney for divorce proceedings.

After 18 years of going to divorce court, we have seen and heard almost every divorce or custody scenario possible. We know how to mediate a divorce that is called uncontested. We can help you get divorced when you don’t know where your spouse is. We file annulments. We know to divide a home that does not have your name on the deed or that was owned before the marriage. We know how to deal with high conflict spouses in a divorce or custody matter. We know how to value a business. We know how to calculate alimony or spousal support when one spouse has not worked.

We charge a fixed fee. We provide you an estimate for specific tasks to handle your case. And that is all you pay for those tasks. A fixed fee does not mean we are the lowest price Henderson divorce lawyers. But it does mean you know up front the fee we are going to charge.

Not every divorce or child custody issue will need a lawyer for divorce proceedings. If you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce or agree on child custody you can file an Uncontested Divorce with or without an attorney. Don’t worry if you are not sure if your divorce is uncontested. Download our Divorce Guide or Child Custody Guide and Schedule a call with Right Divorce Lawyers.

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Simple Uncontested Divorce

Fixed Fees. No Court

A Simple divorce when you and your spouse agree to the terms. These type of divorces are quicker and cheaper because there are no court hearings.

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Our Divorce Lawyers


Stacy Rocheleau, Esq.

Stacy is the founder of Right Divorce Lawyers. In 2020 she was elected to be a Family Court Judge and no longer practices at the firm. But Stacy's 18 years of family law experience still influences the firm. Her legal style and intellect have been passed down to the firm's attorneys. Bio & resume…


Rock Rocheleau, Esq (Practices Las Vegas).

Rock is the managing attorney and husband of Judge Stacy Rocheleau, who founded Right Divorce Lawyers in 2004. Rock started at the firm as an office administrator. While working during the day he attended UNLV's School of Law at night. Rock's unique value is his creative thinking skills. He is always looking for new ways to solve his client's legal problems. Bio & resume…


Brittney Salvatore-Perkins, Esq (Practices Las Vegas).

There are lawyers, and there are divorce proceedings lawyers. The difference is instantly noticeable. Brittney gets a large percentage of her divorce clients through referrals from her past clients. This is because client's feel she is accessible, knowledgeable, and a true divorce attorney. Bio & resume…


Meredith Weiner, Esq (Practices Las Vegas).

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Meredith's goals were always to practice law. She started in criminal court. Criminal court is an excellent place to become a great trial lawyer. And, Meredith has become a great trial lawyer. Now, Meredith focuses on using those skills in divorce court. Bio & resume…

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Are you ready to begin your divorce or child custody Issue? If so, Schedule a call with the Right Divorce Lawyers. If not, explore the library of information contained on our website. Our Henderson divorce attorneys have compiled articles and lawyer videos to help you understand more about a the divorce process, joint petitions, legal separations, child custody, and more. Learn about the difference between divorce and legal separation, how much does a divorce cost, how to modify child custody, and calculating child support.

Have additional questions or want to talk with an attorney? Contact us to schedule a consultation with a licensed lawyer. We will help you through the process.

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