Hiring a Henderson Divorce Lawyer

Posted: 19 April, 2024

When thinking about going through a divorce, it’s important to carefully consider what you’re facing and how best to handle it. You may be wondering if you can take care of all the proceedings yourself or if you’ll

In you are facing an uncontested divorce with simple division of property and no children at home, you may be able to complete the process without attorneys getting involved.  But, if your divorce involves complicated division of assets, debts, long term married, child custody, and/or bad blood between you and your spouse, hiring a lawyer might be the best thing for both of you.  

If you and your spouse agree on everything, that’s great. With some research, and legwork, you might be able to complete the court’s obligations for an uncontested divorce. The document used is called a Joint Petition for Divorce.  A quick search and you should be able to find the form package online. Representing yourself means you have more control over the proceedings and can take your case in the direction you want.

Perhaps you’re expecting an amicable divorce, and find are a few areas of contention that are manageable. You should still try to work together to get the divorce papers filed. If those areas of contention become inflamed, you don’t need to exchange body blows.  You can back-off and contact a divorce lawyer who can calm those contentious areas and finish the paperwork.

When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Three absolute rules apply for when to hire a divorce lawyer; when your spouse has, when you have sizeable assets or debts, and when you are disagreeing on child custody.

When children are involved, divorce can get much more complicated, especially if custody is contested. Divorce attorneys work to protect parental rights, and can help reduce friction by working out the details so you and your spouse don’t have to. If you and your spouse are fighting for custody of your children, an attorney can argue to the judge for a custody arrangement which in the best interest of the children and one the judge will accept.

If you have to go to court to battle your spouse for division of property or other complex matters, you should be represented by a lawyer who has experience with your type of case.  Long term marriages almost always involve spousal support. Homes owned in Henderson will require appraisals and reviews of deeds and mortgages.  Businesses can create complicated business evaluations.  Gambling, drugs, and affairs can bring in marital waste arguments.  In divorces involving any of these issues a divorce lawyer is a must.

When the other side hires a lawyer, you are left with no choice.  Trying to negotiate a divorce case against a divorce attorney, or fight in court against one is like putting an amateur up against a professional in boxing match.  Divorce court is for real.  You don’t want to be steam rolled in a crucial situation that could adversely affect your way of life now and in the future.

Attorney Expertise in Divorce Cases

An attorney has expertise that can help you in your divorce case in ways you may not realize:

  • Expert knowledge in divorce laws allows them to find the best options for their clients.  
  • Divorce lawyers are comfortable with the process.  They can streamline divorce proceedings by negotiating on your behalf, and handling all the paperwork.
  • Your divorce lawyer can file motions to resolve issues, gain financial information from your spouse, hire and interview experts in custody battles, and work on other complex tasks related to your divorce case.
  • An attorney is familiar with all the wording and laws that need to be filed in your divorce decree. A document you may need to reference for many years after the divorce is over.

Do Your Research

If you decide to hire a divorce attorney to represent you, do your research to ensure you’re comfortable with who will represent you. Study a number of attorneys.  Make calls to several offices in the Henderson area.  See who calls back.  Be wary of free phone consultations. Free consults are often gimmicks to get you in the door.  Good divorce lawyers will charge for their time and advice.  Weed your list down to a few favorites to visit in person.

You’ll want an experienced attorney who practices family law regularly. Look for someone who is local and is familiar with the courts and family law judges within your county. This familiarity can be crucial when strategizing for your case. Ask other attorneys you’ve worked with in the past if they can recommend a good divorce attorney. You can also read testimonials and reviews of lawyers online.

When you contact an attorney, ask about charges, including retainers, hourly rates, incremental charges and expenses, and whether you can keep costs down by doing certain work on your own. Learn whether divorce is the lawyer’s specialty or whether her second or third type of law. Find out the strategy the lawyer would use and how long he or she thinks the case might take.

Get cues from your own impressions, too. Does the attorney respond to phone and email messages in a timely manner? Are you treated in a friendly but professional manner? How does the attorney treat the staff?  Are the staff professional? Are you comfortable? Do you feel confident in this individual’s ability to represent you competently? If you feel good about a particular attorney, you may want to schedule a second meeting to make sure you’ve chosen well. Contact Us Today


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