Joint Petition Checklist

Posted: 11 September, 2019

Nevada Joint Petition Checklist

The following is a checklist of items and/or language that must be included on any Joint Petition Form or Uncontested Divorce Form filed with Clark County Family Court.

  • List of reasons or causes for divorce as mentioned in NRS 12S.181(2), 12S.182(1)(b)
  • Speak of parties being ncompatible or parties have lived separate & apart for one year without cohabitation
  • Whether there is the existence of minor children as discussed in 125.181(3), 125.182(2)(c)

If there are children:

  • Educational advantages for the children
  • Improvement of the custodial parent’s employment and income
  • If special needs of a child will improve
  • The child’s opinion of whether circumstances will be improved
  • Determination oflegal and physical custody pursuant to NRS 125.181(3)
  • Description of custody visitation schedule pursuant to NRS 125C.010
  • Discussion of child support in accordance with child support formula described in NRS 12SB.080
  • Language discussing child support review is available pursuant to NRS 125B.145, 125.230
  • Determining the party responsible for maintaining medical insurance and provisions for uncovered expenses. NRS 125B.080(7)
  • Language from NRS 125C.200 regarding removal of the child from the state
  • Statement that the Hague Convention shall apply in certain circumstances. NRS 125.510(7)
  • Statement that Nevada, or the state in which the child resides within the U.S., is the habitual residence of the child

If there is community property or community debt a schedule dividing the property and debt is required

  • A statement that both parties have waived or executed an agreement setting the amount & manner of spousal support
  • A statement waiving rights pursuant to NRS 125.181(6); 125.182(1)
  • A waiver of written notice of entry of the Decree of Divorce
  • A waiver of appeal or Waiver of request of findings off act and conclusions of law; and Waiver of right to move for a new trial
  • A Statement that every condition set forth in NRS 125.181 has been met. NRS 125.I 82(1) o Statement that the parties expressly desire the
  • A statement for the court to enter a Decree of Divorce. NRS 125.181(7)
  • A statement regarding wife’s maiden name NRS 125.182(2)(d) and order changing wife’s name if desired