Joint Petition For Divorce

Posted: 11 September, 2019

A joint petition is the name of the documents used for couples looking to file an uncontested divorce. A joint petition is only used when you and your spouse agree to the terms of the divorce. This is the reason it is commonly referred to as an “uncontested divorce”. The major areas spouses need to agree to are child custody, child support, dividing assets, dividing debts, and alimony. Both spouses must fully agree to “all” the issues to file a joint petition divorce. If you agree on some, and not “all” then you cannot file a joint petition for divorce.

How long does a Joint Petition take?

We like to give clients estimates of 2 to 3 weeks from the date they hire us. It takes about a week for us to draft all the appropriate documents. Some services may promise 24 hours, but they are typically using online template which is not reviewed by an attorney. We are not an online form service. Your documents will be drafted by a paralegal and reviewed by a licensed Nevada lawyer. After the forms are drafted and signed by both spouses it might take us another week to have the joint petition approved by a judge and to file the final divorce documents with the court.  Here is a detailed explanation and diagram of the Uncontested Divorce Diagram.

What does a Joint Petition cost?

We offer three different pricing packages for a joint petition. The fees are based on whether you have children, and whether you need to divide assets. If you don’t have property to divide, nor children the fee is $1,300. If you have property to divide, but no children the fee is $1,800. If you have property to divide, and children the fee is $2,200.  All fees include drafting all paperwork, filing all paperwork, and court fees.   All fees can be split into two payments; 50% down, and 50% upon filing with the court.

$1,500 – No children, no property, and no debts to divide.  This is a simple divorce where spouses simply need a divorce document.

$1,800 – No children, minimal property, and a minimal debts to divide.   Still a simple divorce, but the spouses have a few assets or debts to divide.   Maybe a short term marriage of a few years, and not children.    Because of the short term marriage, or because of equal incomes, not alimony is requested.

$2,200 –  Children,  property and debts to divide, and alimony.   They have children and need a custody schedule and child support calculated.  The spouses have assets or debts which need to be divided.   They even may agree on monthly alimony.   

100% Money Back Guarantee

All packages include attorney reviewed documents, filing the documents with the court, court filing fee, notices properly filed after the documents are final, final, and court stamped documents emailed to each spouse.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee that our documents are accepted by the court.    Final approval by the judge is not part of the 100% guarantee.   We cannot guarantee will agree to the terms you and your spouse are requesting.

What about divorce mediation?

Are you and your spouse close to an uncontested divorce and need a few issues mediated? We can help. Mediation packages start around $3,000 and include a bank of hours along with the filing of a joint petition.

Do I need to go to court?

Filing a joint petition rarely requires a Court appearance. If the paperwork is filed correctly it will most likely be approved by the judge without needing to appear in court. If a party changes their mind about the joint petition or if the paperwork is not complete, a Court appearance may be necessary.

Do I need a lawyer?

Not all divorces need a lawyer. Simple joint petitions don’t necessarily need a lawyer meeting, but they should at least be reviewed by a lawyer. It will cost you much less to hire a lawyer to draft and file a correct joint petition than to fix one. Hiring an online service that can’t file the documents, files them incorrectly, or who can’t fix documents rejected by the court will cost you time and money.

How to start a joint petition?

The first step to start is to complete a Joint Petition Worksheet. This worksheet  is helpful in finding out what areas you and your spouse agree on.   After completing as much of the worksheet as you can contact, our office  to schedule a time to review the worksheet with us and to choose the right joint petition package for you.