Joint Petition Divorce Starting at $240

If you and your spouse can agree to all the terms of a divorce you can file an “uncontested divorce”, which is also known as a joint petition or a joint divorce.  A joint petition is the name given to the forms used to start an uncontested divorce.   So, technically an uncontested divorce is called a joint petition for divorce.

An uncontested divorce is the quickest and least expensive way to get divorced.     Both spouses complete a few forms, which detail the terms of the divorce.  The forms are filed with the court.  A judge reviews the forms and signs the final divorce decree.    The whole process takes about three weeks.   There are no court hearings.

Right Divorce Lawyers is not a paralegal or online form service.   Since 2004 they have been licensed attorneys helping client’s with fixed fee legal services.  Our uncontested divorce packages are fixed fees.  Costs for an uncontested can be $240 for a self-help package,  $1,200 for a Basic Uncontested, and $3,500 for a Mediated Uncontested.

Uncontested Divorce Costs

Self-Help Uncontested – This package is for those spouses with a super simple divorce.  It includes all the forms you need to file, step-by-step instructions, and a phone call with a licensed attorney.   The fee is $240.   This fee does not include your court filing fee.  Schedule your call with a divorce attorney to start your self-help divorce.

Basic Uncontested – This package is used when you would like an attorney file the documents.  The fixed fee is $1,200.   This fee includes preparing all the documents, court fees, and filing fees.

Mediated Uncontested – This package includes attorney assistance in mediating the terms of your divorce.  This package includes mediating the terms, preparing all the documents, court fees, and filing fees.  The flat fee is $3,500.

Our services include drafting of all required divorce documents, notarization of all documents, coordinating the judge’s signature, filing the documents with the court, and emailing you and your spouse a file stamped copy of your final divorce decree.

Our divorce lawyers are licensed to practice in Nevada and California. Our office has been filing divorces since 2004.  We guarantee all our uncontested divorce services.  Download our Uncontested Divorce Workbook and follow the instructions for a basic uncontested or mediated divorce.

Uncontested Divorce Service Includes

  • Drafting required divorce documents
  • Review by a licensed  attorney
  • Notarization of all documents
  • Filing of uncontested documents
  • Coordination of judge’s final signature
  • The self-help service does not include filing the documents with the court or your filing fee.

You cannot compare Right Divorce Lawyers  to online divorce programs.  With online programs they simply print your forms.   We offer you legal advice with our forms.    Online programs require you to file your documents.  We can file your documents for you.   Online programs do not offer mediation services.   We do.   We guarantee our divorce documents are correct.

The best way to get started is to complete our Uncontested Divorce Workbook with your spouse.   Reviewing the workbook with your spouse gives you an idea on what areas you and your spouse agree to.  If you can agree to all of them, you can file uncontested documents.  If you cannot agree, you will need to discuss other options with a divorce attorney.

Benefits of  an Uncontested Divorce

The primary benefit of an uncontested divorce is the savings in attorney fees, and the quick time frame for getting a final divorce. Uncontested divorces cost less because they require less legal hearings.   Uncontested divorces are a collaborative  process, not a litigated process.  Because both spouses agree to the terms of the divorce there are no court hearings.

Do You Qualify for Uncontested Divorce?

To file a Joint Petition one of the spouses must have lived in Nevada for 6 weeks. If you have children, the children must have been physically living in Nevada for 6 months. These are required time frames, but there are exceptions. Contact our office to see if you have met Nevada’s residency requirements, or qualify for an exception.

The next stage in determining whether you qualify is to know whether you and your spouse agree to the terms of your divorce. An uncontested divorce means you and your spouse are agreeing to the terms of the divorce.  You both must agree to “All” the terms. For most divorces this mean deciding how the assets, and debts will be divided.  Dividing cars, homes, bank accounts, pensions, and 401K plans.  You may even need to discuss spousal support (aka alimony). If you have children have you will need to decide on a custody schedule, child support, and health insurance.

How to Get Started

Are you looking to file a joint divorce or an uncontested divorce? Right Divorce Lawyers can help.

We offer three standard packages; $240 self help,  $1,200 basic uncontested, and $2,500 mediated uncontested.  Download our Uncontested Divorce Workbook and follow the instructions for a basic uncontested or mediated divorce.  Or schedule your call with a divorce attorney to start your self-help divorce.  If you have any questions call us  at (702) 914-0400 or  email us at      We can answer any questions you have about starting an uncontested divorce.