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Right Lawyers is ready to help. Whether that means going to court for a contested divorce, filing a legal separation, or helping you work out the details of an uncontested divorce, we do what it takes to get you the most favorable outcome possible. We take the time to get to know exactly what our your goals are and develop a strategy to get them. With over 40 years of family law experience, we have seen almost every possible divorce and child custody scenario.

There are two ways our attorneys can help.  First, is our website.  It is a library for divorce, joint divorce, legal separation, and child custody.   Take a look around to learn the basic information.   Second is scheduling a consult.   If you need to know more about filing divorce papers, or who gets what property,  or adjusting child support then give us a call.   We have five licensed Las Vegas divorce attorneys who are ready to help.

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About Las Vegas

The Las Vegas metropolitan area is home to over 2 million people, with 603,000 living in Las Vegas proper. Las Vegas was officially founded in 1905, then incorporated in 1911. The early 1930s saw a growth boom in Las Vegas. Nevada legalized casino gambling, officially renaming it gaming. They also lowered the divorce residency requirement to 6 weeks, which made it the lowest in the country at the time. Finally, the beginning of construction on the Hoover Dam brought in workers and families from all over the country.

Las Vegas is the 4th most popular travel destination in the United States behind New York, Chicago, and Charleston. Recently the Las Vegas airport has increased their direct flights overseas to accommodate a boom in foreign tourism.

Like many large US cities, Las Vegas has schools rated all over the board. While a child’s school is assigned based on where he or she lives, the Clark County School District allows transfer requests if the assigned school is poorly rated. This rule has led to an increase in transfer applications to STEM-focused middle and high schools.

The economy is heavily based on the tourism, gaming, and convention industries which bring in around 40 million visitors every year. All of these people breathe life into the vibrant restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries. Any time of day, any day of the year, there are crowds of people walking between casinos in search of food and entertainment.

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