Meredith Weiner

Meredith Weiner, Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

What does a divorce attorney do for fun? They go to criminal court to work on misdemeanors and felonies. At least that is what Meredith used to do. Meredith started out practicing primarily in criminal defense, although her practice areas expanded to include personal injury, and business law. Eventually Meredith’s exclusive focus was divorce and custody.

Meredith was born and raised in Las Vegas. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology at American University in Washington, D.C., Meredith switched gears. She moved to San Diego to complete her law degree at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2009. Meredith is admitted to practice law in the State of Nevada, and before the U.S. Federal District Court 

Personal Insights

Do you have any hobbies? On a whim, I decided to enter a bodybuilding competition. It was more fun that I was expecting. After the first competition I sort of got the bug and entered more. Now, most mornings are spent working out at the gym.

What are your top 3 favorite movies? Pretty Woman, because every girl loves a fairytale love story. Something’s Gotta Give, so witty! Beaches, it’s a beautiful story of true friendship, and that’s hard to find.

How did you meet your husband? We met in high school, and I wanted nothing to do with him. Years later, the same friends who introduced us in high school had a party and invited us both. I still wanted nothing to do with him, but he was persistent!

Most memorable case to date? I represented an older Korean woman in a misdemeanor when I first started criminal practice. She was a volunteer bus driver for her church when she was involved in a car accident where the opposing driver died. At sentencing, after my argument, the entire congregation who came to court on her behalf stood up and clapped for me! It was embarrassing but made me feel like I was appreciated.