Nevada Rates 6th Best State to Divorce In, According to Bloomberg

Posted: 5 July, 2023

Is it better to divorce in some states over others? Yes, according to researchers at Bloomberg who recently published a list of the best (and worst) states to divorce in within the U.S. This list was compiled by analyzing a combination of state laws, divorce costs, case duration and waiting times (among other factors) – and it listed Nevada as the sixth best state to divorce in.

This is due to:

  • Nevada’s no-fault divorce laws
  • Nevada being the third-fastest state in terms of processing divorce cases
  • Nevada divorce filing fees being minimal (when compared to the costs charged in other states).

Best State to Divorce In: The States that Beat Out Nevada

While Nevada certainly did well in Bloomberg’s ranking of the best state to divorce in, here’s a look at the five states that beat out Nevada for better rankings (starting with the number one best stated identified in this study):

  1. New Hampshire, where there is no minimum residency requirement, no minimal processing time and the filing fees are less than $200
  2. Wyoming, which has the second lowest divorce filing fee (from among all states in the U.S.) and a minimal divorce processing time (80 days)
  3. Alaska, where the divorce processing time is 30 days and the filing fees are less than $200. Also, there are no minimum residency requirements for filing for divorce in Alaska.
  4. Idaho, where the minimum processing time for divorce is 62 days and the filing fees are less than $150
  5. South Dakota, where the minimum processing time for divorce is 60 days and filing fees are just around $100.

Are you now wondering what the worst state is to get a divorce in, according to this Bloomberg list? If so, we won’t make you wait any longer… Bloomberg says that Vermont ranks as the worst state to divorce in.

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