New Holiday Traditions

Posted: 18 October, 2021

The first holiday being separated or divorced can be the worst? Because old traditions or past routines are out of sync with the new you. One piece of advice given to us by a wise marriage counselor is to use this time to start new traditions.

You have a clean slate to start something new upon. Use it. Yes, things in your life have changed. But, what a great time to start some new holiday traditions. Here are a few our clients have shared with us.

1. Neighborhood Cookie exchange. Invite your neighbors over for a cookie exchange. Most of us don’t know our neighbors as well as we should. Now is a great time for new introductions. Don’t know if the men in neighborhood would be excited about cookies? Maybe add a beer or scotch exchange. Purchase, or make, festive drinks and have a tasting party.

2. Make a holiday decoration. Paint an ornament, a wreath, a Star of David, holiday socks, or a tie that lights up. Anything creative and festive to do with your family.

3. Plan a ride with friends to see Christmas lights. Go to the Las Vegas Speedway or to a neighborhood with decorated houses. But, everyone needs to be wearing pajamas, or an ugly holiday sweater. Make sure to play Christmas music while on your sleigh ride.

4. Target practice. Take a trip to the local gun range to express you second amendment rights for the holidays. Wear a Santa hat, drink hot cocoa and shoot at targets of St. Nick, or Rudolph. Shooting Santa a little too horrific? Then bring pictures of Scrooge, The Grinch, or Abominable Snowman.

5. Write a letter each Christmas to your family. Only write about the good things that have happened, and what you are hopeful for in the coming year. Don’t mail it. Keep it in a journal. Each year when you write a new one, read the previous letters.

6. Sponsor a family. Your local Goodwill, or shelter has names of families who could use a little Christmas spirit in their stocking. Get with your family, or co-workers and go shopping for the adopted family. It is highly recommend to get together to wrap the gifts. Tis the season to get together with wrapping paper and tape.

7. Load the Santa tracker on your phone. On Christmas eve keep track of where Santa is delivering presents. Pick random cities he has landed in to Google. See what the city looks like, and learn how they celebrate the holidays. It’s like going on a vacation with Santa.