Philip Spradling

Philip Spradling, Las Vegas Divorce AttorneyWhat does someone with a master’s degree in philosophy and degree in physics do when searching for a new career?  They enter law school of course.   Having completed both degrees and dirtying his hands with a half dozen careers (philosophy teacher, condensed matter researcher, and restaurant manager) Philip decided law school was the answer.

Attending UNLV Boyd School of Law, Philip was sure to participate in as many areas of law as possible.  This exposure led him to family law.   It was an exciting area because regular people need personal assistance.  Philip wasn’t as excited helping corporation X dissolve from corporate Y than helping regular people with legal problems.   Philip is admitted to practice law before all District Courts in the State of Nevada.

One of the funnier stories explaining Philip’s personality comes from third grade.  For extra work his teacher asked him to hand write words and their definitions from a dictionary.  Philip’s excitement from learning new words was so contagious, soon the whole class was following suit.   Imagine a class of third graders excited about the dictionary.

Personal Insights

Hobby?  Ballroom dancing, and hiking.

Favorite dances?  Standard dances like the Foxtrot,  Tango or Quickstep.

Luke or Han Solo?  Luke Skywalker.

Favorite Philosopher? Ludwig Wittgenstein; “If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done.”

What is the equation for Newton’s first law of motion? F = MA.  F being force, M being mass, A being acceleration.  All that from an apple falling off a tree.

Most Memorable Case?

During a recent divorce we discovered a pre-nuptial document where the husband agreed to give the wife 400 gold coins if there was  a divorce.  The couple were married in Iran under Sharia Law.  This documents is commonplace and similar to western culture dowry’s.   We didn’t get the coins because the document couldn’t be authenticated.  But, I was excited for being able to dig deep enough to find it.  This one document turned the case around.

What Makes You a Good Divorce Attorney?

My background is philosophy and physics which is founded on logic.  So, I feel my logic skills keep me out of the emotional fights you can get caught into with the opposing attorneys.  These quarrels rarely benefit the client and prolong the case.  Divorce is 80% emotion and 20% logic.  Courts only care about the logic.  If I get caught up in the emotion, I never see the logic.

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