Prenup Myths Debunked: The Facts about Prenups (Pt. 1) 

Posted: 8 March, 2024

The topic of prenuptial agreements (or prenups) can be as taboo as it may be confusing. While there are a lot of myths out there about prenups, there documents can actually be very powerful and effective on various levels. In this three-part blog series, we will debunk some of the most common myths about prenups to shed some light on how and when these documents can be helpful for people.

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The Facts about Prenups: Here’s What You May Want to Know…

Prenup Myth 1 – Prenups are only for wealthy people.

Fact – False! Although prenups are frequently used by wealthier people, these agreements can be just as effective and useful for people who do not necessarily have substantial assets. This is because prenups:

  • Are not only for protecting property or assets
  • Can be used to define the financial obligations that each partner in a marriage has
  • Can facilitate a divorce, making it far less costly and time-consuming, if a married couple does end up separating in the future.

As a result, getting a prenup in place can be a good idea for engaged people who may have more modest means but who still want to establish certain obligations and protections for the future.

Prenup Myth 2 – Prenups only come into play when couples are divorcing.

Fact – Again, this is false! Prenups do, indeed, become a central issue during a divorce; however, they can also play an important role throughout a marriage itself, as these agreements can specify the financial roles and responsibilities that each person in the marriage is obligated to fulfill.

For our continued discussion regarding the facts behind common prenup myths, be sure to check out the second and third parts of this blog series that will be published soon!

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