Prenup Myths Debunked: The Facts about Prenups (Pt. 3)

Posted: 5 July, 2023

Wrapping up our blog series Prenup Myths Debunked: The Facts about Prenups, below we will dispel a few more common myths about prenuptial agreements.

Prenup Myth 5 – Prenups must cover everything.

Fact – False! Although prenups can be as comprehensive as people may need them to be, they can also be fairly straightforward and only pertain to certain issues or provisions that may be of primary concern to a couple.

For instance, if you are really only concerned about a business you may have and how a marriage or divorce may impact it, your prenup only has to focus on this issue and doesn’t need to dictate other provisions or terms.

Here, however, it’s also critical to point out that discussing your financial concerns with an experienced Las Vegas family lawyer as you work on developing a valid prenup can be helpful in making sure that:

  • You don’t forget about certain issues that you may want to include in prenups.
  • You are informed about the decisions you are making regarding the terms of your prenup.
  • Your prenup is not overly simplified.
  • Your prenup adequately protects you and your interests in the event of a divorce.

Prenup Myth 6 – Prenups only protect the wealthier spouse in divorce.

Fact – Wrong again! In fact, when prenups may be unfairly skewed towards protecting one person at the expense of other, courts may deem them to be “unconscionable” and, as a result, declare then invalid.

Ideally, prenups should provide fair terms, and both parties who sign these agreements should be doing so under their own free will after they have had a chance to thoroughly review the agreement.

The Bottom Line about Prenups

The bottom line about prenups is that they can be highly effective and useful agreements, offering protections for both people in a marriage while clarifying the marital financial responsibilities.

However, it’s important that people considering prenups work with an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney when developing these documents to ensure that they are as comprehensive as necessary and that they will be upheld by a family court in the event of a future divorce.

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