Requesting Mediation for Family Law Issues: 5 Facts to Know

Posted: 7 March, 2024

Mediation, an alternative to the traditional court process, can end up helping some people resolve their family law issues more efficiently and favorably than traditional court processes, as:

  • The parties in the dispute can have a direct hand in developing a resolution.
  • They won’t have to wait for court dates or be bound by the court’s schedule.
  • They can end up saving money resolving their dispute.

So, if you are interested in pursuing mediation to try to resolve your family legal issues outside of court, here’s what you should know about requesting family mediation in Nevada.

Requesting Mediation for Family Law Issues: Important Info

  • To officially request mediation services, the Request & Order for Family Mediation Center form will need to be filled out and filed with the court. If, however, you already have a court date schedule, you can make this request during your hearing (instead of filling out the form).
  • When completing this form, be sure that:
    • The plaintiff and defendant identities remain the same as they were in the initial divorce filing.
    • The complete and correct addresses for both parties are entered.
    • Nothing is left blank (except for the area where the judge will sign and date the form).
  • Once this form has been completed, it will need a judge’s signature for authorization. The form instructions explain that you can leave this form on the 3rd floor of the court for a judge to sign. It generally takes about 30 days from this point to get an appointment for mediation. Once signed, a file-stamped copy of the form will be mailed to you.
  • Once you receive a file-stamped copy of the form, you must:
    • Make sure that a copy of this document is served to the other party in the dispute (either via certified mail or by requesting a return receipt).
    • Bring the file-stamped copy to the mediation center so that an appointment can be scheduled.
  • If you can’t deliver a copy of the form to the mediation center, contact the center directly to coordinate getting the form to the center and to schedule an appointment.

Are you wondering whether mediation may be a good option for resolving your family law issues? Or do you want to make sure you have the best representation in mediation and/or in family or divorce court?

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