Attorney Stacy Rocheleau Speaks to Local News about Possible Spike in Divorce Cases Due to Recent Ashley Madison Hack

Posted: 22 September, 2019

The hack and data leak of Ashley Madison, a website for married people looking to have affairs, has led to more than 32 million of the site’s members having their emails and other personal information publicly exposed.

While this has put some married celebrities under fire, it may also end up being the catalyst for a lot non-famous married people to file for divorce in the near future.

For those who do pursue divorce to leave a partner who has cheated, however, they should be aware that the infidelity will largely not matter in a Nevada divorce case.

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Stacy Rocheleau clearly explained this to a local CBS news station, explaining that:

There’s no infidelity penalty [in Nevada divorce]. In other words, [people are] not entitled to alimony because their spouse cheated. They’re not entitled to a greater share of a property division just because their spouse cheated. As far as custody of the children, that’s not really a factor the court looks at.

So, if you are gathering evidence of a partner’s infidelity, believing that this will help you in an upcoming Nevada divorce, think again – and maybe focus your efforts on something else, like preparing for divorce.

Elaborating on this point, Attorney Stacy Rocheleau stated:

A lot of times, people will bring me pictures and emails and text messages… they’ll steal their [partner’s] phone, and some people go as far as to hire a PI to follow [a partner] to prove that they’re cheating; but, really, the court doesn’t care.

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