Divorce in Nevada: A Perspective from an Experienced Nevada Divorce Lawyer

Posted: 8 March, 2024

Are Nevadans divorcing at a greater rate than the rest of the country? If so, why? And, if you are considering filing for divorce in Nevada, what should know before entering the courtroom?

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Stacy Rocheleau joined a panel of distinguished guests to discuss these topics with National Public Radio in June 2014. Here are just some of the noteworthy points brought up by Rocheleau in this discussion.

Is it easier to get a divorce in Nevada than in other states?

Rocheleau – “It is. The reason that I think it is is because of our jurisdictional period – the six weeks. And I think that’s why most people in the [1930’s] would come here and stay six weeks… You have to live here for six weeks prior to filing the complaint whereas, in most states, this is six months.”

What are the first things you ask a client who comes to you about divorce?

Rocheleau – “How can I help you? What are you looking for? Have you talked to your spouse about the divorce you are here about?”

What is the best advice you can give to people who are considering filing for divorce in Nevada?

Rocheleau – “To educate themselves before they go through the process. To know what they are looking at and what they are facing.”

How should people educate themselves?

Rocheleau – “I would look at the financial background – know what you make, know what you earn, know what assets you have, what bank accounts are out there, what retirement plans are out there because all of that is going to determine your financial future once you separate.”

In your experience are clients usually making a rational decision about divorce? Or is it more impulsive?

Rocheleau – “There are a lot of emotions that go along with divorce… it might be an impulsive decision, but a lot of times it’s been stewing and brewing in the background… I would say a lot of times it’s usually an emotional trigger that breaks the camel’s back.”

Do you feel that you have to give personal advice as well as legal advice?

“Yes. I’m an attorney and a counselor… it goes along with the territory. It’s an emotional process.”

While you can hear the full interview and more interesting facts about divorce in Nevada at NPR, you can receive help pursuing divorce and successfully getting through the process by contacting Stacy Rocheleau at (702) 914-0400. Stacy Rocheleau and all of the experienced Las Vegas divorce lawyers at Right Divorce Lawyers are dedicated to helping people get through divorce as favorably as possible so they can focus on the future and moving on with their lives.