Rock Rocheleau, Esq

Rock Rocheleau, Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Administrator

The year is 1992. It was lady’s night at Rockabillys, a country bar on Boulder Highway. Rock saw Stacy country dancing and was determined to ask her to dance with him. It didn’t matter he was from Boston and never did a two-step in his life. Rock wouldn’t get a chance to dance with Stacy that night. But, persistence is his middle name (actually his middle name is Rock, and his first name is Michael). It would take several weeks to see Stacy again, and to convince her to dance. 27 years later and Rock is still dancing with that little cowgirl.

Persistence is a good trait to have. Rock had to been persistent in his goal to become a divorce lawyer. He’s been a paralegal with the firm since 2010. For the last ten years, Rock has handled everything from paralegal duties, to marketing, to accounting at Right Lawyers. All while finishing his undergraduate degree and going to law school. In 2016, at the age of 49 he graduated from law school.

Rock is a graduate from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in Social Sciences. Prior to this degree he earned an associates in Avionics Technology while in the United States Air Force. Rock graduated with his law degree from UNLV’s Boyd School of Law in the Spring of 2019.

Education & Membership

  • Licensed by State Bar of Nevada in 2019
  • Juris Doctorate from UNLV Boyd School of Law 2019
  • Bachelors Decree is Social Sciences in 2014
  • Paralegal Since 2010

Personal Insights

What is an odd skill you have? I can juggle and roller skate. But, not at the same time. I’ve been roller skating since I was a little kid. A few years ago, I taught myself how to juggle to help attract people to my kid’s lemonade stand. I was hoping juggling would bring customers to their stand. It did.

Do you have a bucket list item? To visit every baseball park in America. Current stadiums visited is at 11. I’ve got some work to do.

What is your all-time favorite movie? Saving Private Ryan. I have never been more moved by a movie in my life. I can’t imagine the courage those young boys had during that war. It was just incredible, moving, and humbling. In complete contrast La La Land is my second favorite movie of all time.  My other favorites are Fight Club, A Star is Born, The Game, Heat, and Uncut Gems.

Something quirky about you? Oh,  I could give you a huge list. How about that I love the smell of brand new books. Sometimes I will go into a book store or library, open a book and smell the pages. That might have been too quirky to share?

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