Signs of Fraud and Hidden Assets in Divorce (Pt. 1)

Posted: 26 October, 2022

The contentious nature of some divorce cases can make it tempting for divorcing partners to try to conceal marital assets either to get back at a partner or to simply try to keep more of the marital assets for him or herself. Sometimes, the person going through the divorce or his or her divorce attorney may just have a hunch that fraud and hidden assets in divorce may be an issue.

In other cases, however, there may be some very clear signs that fraud and hidden assets in divorce should be further investigated. In this three-part blog series, we will highlight just some of the more common signs of fraud and hidden assets in divorce. If you believe that fraud may be an issue in your divorce or you need any advice about your divorce and best options for proceeding, contact the trusteed Las Vegas divorce lawyers at RIGHT Lawyers. We are here to help you and have the experience you can trust to successfully and efficiently resolve your divorce.

Fraud and Hidden Assets in Divorce: Is Your Spouse Doing Any of These Things?

For the simplicity of this discussion, we will assume that you are the wife and the husband is the other spouse who may be hiding assets (of course, spouses of both genders may and do commit fraud and hide assets in divorce, and this gender choice is in no way an indication of one spouse being more likely to commit fraud in divorce).

Some of the specific signs of fraud and hidden assets in divorce will come in the form of the actions of a soon-to-be-ex spouse. In particular, these can include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Not letting you look at bank and/or credit card statements – This can include preventing you from signing on to an online account, shredding paper statements before you can see them, sending these statements to a business address, etc.
  • Spending a lot of money without your knowledge – For instance, did you recently discover that your soon-to-be-ex bought a car or some other large asset without saying anything about it to you?
  • Having a history of lying to you in general – Lying generally isn’t restricted to one aspect of people’s lives, and when a divorce starts to heat up, financial deception can easily come into play.

For our continued discussion regarding fraud and hidden assets in divorce, be sure to look for the second and third parts of this blog series that will be posted soon.

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