Signs of Fraud and Hidden Assets in Divorce (Pt. 3)

Posted: 26 October, 2022

Wrapping up our three-part blog series Signs of Fraud and Hidden Assets in Divorce, below are some final common signs that a soon-to-be-ex may be trying to conceal some of your marital assets in your divorce.

While the first two parts of this blog series focused on pointing out signs related to how your future ex behave, below, we will focus on highlighting some indications that may be related to financial documents (like, for instance, documents related to mortgages, retirement accounts, insurance policies, etc.).

In addition to how your future ex acts, how he keeps certain financial records can end up being signs of the possibility of fraud and hidden assets in divorce. In particular, here are some of the document-related signs to keep in mind:

  • Missing financial documents – When important financial records like past tax returns, mortgage documents, etc. start to disappear, this may be more than just absentmindedness; instead, it may be an indication that you should have some more serious investigations initiated regarding whether any of your marital assets are being concealed from the divorce proceedings.
  • Refusals to provide financial documents – If a future ex outright refuses to give you or your attorney copies of certain financial documents, be suspicious. While this refusal is clearly an attempt to prevent you from having certain information, it can also be a giant red flag that fraud and hidden assets in divorce should be further investigated.
  • Intentionally providing incomplete documents during discovery – In some cases, a future ex may try to be slier about trying to keep certain financial information from you, your lawyer and the divorce court and may do so by giving you incomplete or jumbled paperwork. This tactic, which will likely prolong and delay the case, can be an attempt to further obscure any financial paper trail about potentially concealed marital assets.

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