Tonopah Spousal Support Calculator

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is the courts ways of equalizing the income potential of spouses.  Spousal Support is not meant to help with childcare expenses, extracurricular activities, or other expenses related to children. That is the purpose of child support. Spousal Support is meant to help a spouse who earns less income, and is reserved for couples who have been married for a substantial length of time.

Nevada doesn’t have an absolute formula for calculating alimony. The closest the Nevada Supreme Court has come to a formula was in 1997 when a proposed “Tonopah Formula” was rejected. Although the Tonopah Formula wasn’t approved the divorce court judges appear to use it, or variations of the original formula, when making spousal support rulings.   For more details, visit our spousal support page.

Below is a spousal support calculator which is the Tonopah Formula mixed with our own divorce attorneys thoughts on how the judges calculate spousal support.  This calculator is not a guaranteed amount.  It is simply a ballpark of how much spousal support a judge may order.  Complete the fields to calculate and estimate.