Protect Your Lifestyle with a Summerlin Divorce Attorney

Posted: 8 September, 2021

One of the most frightening things about a divorce is uprooting to a new home. This is especially true when you worry about your children. New schools. Maybe they always play with the other kids in the neighborhood. Perhaps there are parks near your home where your children feel safe. A Summerlin divorce attorney can help keep you in a familiar place and maintain your lifestyle.

Summerlin is one of the best places to raise a family in Clark County. It’s walking and biking friendly. The schools have the top ratings. With an average household income of $139,000, it’s no wonder the community is focused on education and beautiful public spaces.

One of the first things people worry about is keeping the children at their same school. Barring the best option, most parents can at least agree that they want their children in the best schools available.

Getting a Summerlin divorce attorney who is familiar with the area can help ease that stress. He or she can keep your concerns in mind when negotiating with your spouse’s divorce attorney.

The Summerlin Master Planned Community

Summerlin was originally a development that began to take shape in 1976. Howard Hughes Jr. purchased the last over 20 years before, but it was up to his heirs to develop it. They renamed the area to Summerlin after Hughes’ grandmother.

Aside from beautiful homes, expansive parks, and the stunning backdrop of Red Rock National Park, the walking/biking friendliness of the Summerlin community is an enormous draw.

Paths connect all the neighborhoods and most of the 150 neighborhood parks. Finding anything like that in Las Vegas is rare. So the area is understandably appealing.

A Summerlin divorce attorney can help you figure out how to keep the enviable Summerlin lifestyle. By making sure you do not agree to unreasonable terms like improperly dividing marital property, you have a better chance at continuing a way of life that other people in the country would envy. That is if they knew about this Las Vegas gem.

Summerlin Amenities

Sure, you could go shopping on The Strip. Pay the inflated prices and fight through hordes of inebriated tourists.

Or you could stay closer to home and enjoy the beautiful plazas, upscale dining, and breathing space without the rabid inflation. To top it off, you will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful background of dramatic mountains anywhere outside of Colorado.

Parks, golf courses, pools, biking, hiking, and outdoor lounging. Summerlin is the place to live in Las Vegas for an outdoor, upscale lifestyle.

Keep that lifestyle with a Summerlin divorce attorney. Do not let yourself be forced into a position where you need to drive half an hour to return to familiar territory.

Better yet save yourself the drive to a far away divorce attorney. With our office conveniently located on Town Centre Drive (just up the street from Summerlin Hospital Medical Center), we are always available to help.

Down the street, you will also find TPC Las Vegas. One of the premier golf clubs in Summerlin and Las Vegas. rated it 267th out of 2,112 golf clubs in the nation with great playing conditions.

One of our favorite parts of the Summerlin community is that there is always something going on. Whether it is the Summerlin Festival of the Arts or the Summerlin Half-marathon, the community always has an opportunity to enjoy events together.