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If you’re looking for advice about divorce, legal separation, or child custody, you have found the right place, and the Right Lawyers.  Our lawyers and attorneys are well versed in these situations.   With  over 40 years of divorce experience, there isn’t much we haven’t seen.   We will go to any lengths to make sure you get the best possible outcome. Whether that means filing for a legal separation, or negotiating an uncontested divorce, or arguing for your rights in court.

There are two ways our attorneys can help.  First, is our website.  It is a library for divorce, joint divorce, legal separation, and child custody.   Take a look around to learn the basic information.  Second, is scheduling a consult.   If you need to know more about filing divorce papers, or who gets what property  or adjusting child support then give us a call to schedule a consultation.   We have five licensed Las Vegas divorce attorneys who are ready to help.


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Exit “North Town Center”, going South.
Take left at first light, Covington Cross Dr.
Right Lawyers is located in the building on your right.

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About Summerlin

The Las Vegas metropolitan area is home to over 2 million people, with 603,000 living in Las Vegas proper.  Summerlin is an affluent planned community in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada. It lies at the edge of the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon, on the western periphery of Las Vegas, Nevada in unincorporated Clark County.  Summerlin is not a separate incorporated city with it’s own city hall or courts.   Summerlin is part of Las Vegas municipality and Clark County courts system.

Las Vegas was officially founded in 1905, then incorporated in 1911. The early 1930s saw a growth boom in Las Vegas. Nevada legalized casino gambling, officially renaming it gaming. They also lowered the divorce residency requirement to 6 weeks, which made it the lowest in the country at the time. Finally, the beginning of construction on the Hoover Dam brought in workers and families from all over the country.

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada with a population of 603,000 as of 2016. The metropolitan area around Las Vegas including the incorporated cities of North Las Vegas and Henderson is home to over 2,025,000 people. While the Paiute and the Anasazi called the area home since 2,000 years ago, the area was settled again in the early 19 hundreds when members of the Latter Day Saints Church built a fort as a stop between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. Las Vegas was officially incorporated in 1911.

Las Vegas is the 4th most popular travel destination in the United States behind New York, Chicago, and Charleston. Recently the Las Vegas airport has increased their direct flights overseas to accommodate a boom in foreign tourism.

The economy is heavily based on the tourism, gaming, and convention industries which bring in around 40 million visitors every year. All of these people breathe life into the vibrant restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries. Any time of day, any day of the year, there are crowds of people walking between casinos in search of food and entertainment.

Las Vegas is part of the Clark County School District, which also includes Henderson, North Las Vegas, and unincorporated areas around the city. With 288 elementary schools, 138 middle schools, and 92 high schools, there are lots of options for everything from public schools to STEM-focused charters.